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蘇志徹作品,沉睡系列。(記者 王玉善/編輯)


  • 《不一樣的角度》|蘇志徹創作個展
    From Different Perspectives: Solo Exhibition by SU Zhi-Che

    開幕|2018/09/15 SAT 15:00
    座談|2018/09/29 SAT 15:00
    展期|2018/09/14 - 11/04
    時間|TUE- SUN 11:00 - 18:00 (MON off)





    102 Art is honored to invite Su Zhi-Che, the experienced artist from the South Taiwan to host his personal art exhibition in Tainan for the first time in 13 years. Su Zhi-Che was graduated in College of the Fine Art at National Taiwan University of Art. He has been dedicating to passion and work of art with his wife Lin Li-Hua in Kaohsiung for 40 years since he graduated. They established many well-known organizations for art , such as Wu-Ma Group and Modern Art Association of Kaohsiung, while being the founder of these art organizations, they were also the major editors of the National Taiwan art magazine “The Art World” and “Hot Art”, and the major researchers of Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts and The Pier-2 Art Center.

    Su Zhi-Che has been addicted to surrealism since he was a student. Regardless to the subject “abstraction of the space” which he drew during his time at the London University of the Great Britain, or the series of the work he was making concerning the space of art dimension between reality and fantasy. He holds a great care, passion and doubt toward any topic which related to space and environment, and seeks for the connection between the reality and the fantasy.

    In his personal exhibition “From different perspectives” this time, it contains the original artistic idea and perspectives from his previous exhibition. They explained that every person on the earth has their own behavior and the way which they see the world. However, he also defined that just how easily people lose concentration toward the details when viewing and seeing the things around them becomes a habit. Also people are incapable of recording the memory of what they saw afterward. Even if they can, the memory can be quite vague. In other words, they see the things around them, but they are unable of memorizing the details as their eyes are on the subject but their hearts are not. In regards of such a matter, watching and viewing a piece of art work are no longer intriguing but meaningless. The result toward that is that people is losing the sense of appreciating any art work as an “ART”. Su Zhi-Che claims that the visuality is considered the soul part of any art work, and it is also to be the main channel which an artist can truly to express his or her heart and personal philosophy from. He wishes to change the way of how people see and appreciate the art by showing the soul and heart of an artist through painting.



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