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  • 展期日期:2019-03-15 ~ 2019-03-31
    參展藝術家:Alessandro Casetti

  • 全球氣候的變遷越來越極端,溫度的變化影響了大自然,藝術,科學,科技以及我們生活環境各個層面,包含了人與人之間的溫度也產生了變化。
    繼2018年夏季由五位台灣藝術家在義大利展出後,2019年的三月將在台北的亞億藝術空間展出義大利藝術家Alessandro Casetti的個展,這次以藝術家關心海洋對地球造成的汙染發聲,藝術家研究海洋汙染的相關問題,Casetti藉由繪畫表達對於海洋的看法,擅長於多種媒材的運用,經由不斷的嘗試與實驗走出屬於自己的創作風格,透過神秘而迷人的作品,反向思考對於生長在地球的我們是否需要更多的關心及改變來愛護地球。

    Global climate change is becoming extreme. Temperature changes affect the natural, artistic, scientific, technology and various aspects of our living environment, including temperature changes between interpersonal relationships.
    Many exhibitions around the world have called for the change of environmental pollution as the theme, trying to make people pay attention to and review this issue through artworks, thereby generating great influence and representing the appearance of the problem under the artist's creation.

    Following the exhibition of five Taiwanese artists in Italy in the summer of 2018, a solo exhibition by Italian artist Alessandro Casetti will be held at the AHM Gallery in Taipei in March 2019. This time, the artist is concerned about the pollution caused by the ocean to the earth, the artist issues related to the study of marine pollution, Casetti by painting to express their views to the ocean, good at using a variety of mediums, out of their own creative style through constant trial and experiment with the mysterious and fascinating works, consider the opposite for growth Whether we need more care and change on the planet to protect the planet

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