【High Art 按摩 請下一樓】

  • 展期

    日期:2015-04-18 ~ 2015-04-18

  • 地點

    台北當代藝術中心 (台北市大同區保安街49巷11又二分之一號)

  • 無設限、無底線、無邊界...隨你便/變/辯!藝術到底有多高、有多深、有多晦澀、有多亂來、有多私密、有多開放、有多前衛?我們永遠不斷得在每個時代裡翻攪激辯這些問題意識,鞭策意識重返肉身,由感知的零度再出發,在那幽暗的深處挖掘抹得自己一身潛意識爛泥,以和某種他者碰撞...

    這個無策展、超匿名的pop-up特展揭示TCAC的全新態度:本機構在此新建之公共廣場上將從每個具有想像的個體出發。絕非純粹搞幽默:TCAC是你的定義、你的遊戲實驗、你的恐怖秘密、你的High Art Massage;規則由你而顯,框架任你質疑。



    Without any speed limit and bottomline, an epic arena is now open for debates, changes and transformation to reconsider the essence of art - may it be too high, too deep, too dark, too obscure, too private, too public, or even too much of avant-garde. Every generation confronts such a quest to enact their questions of art and ideology construction, to embody consciousness in the extension of nerves and cells, and to explore senses and sensibilities in the murky corner of subconscious to be able to eventually meet the other…

    This uncurated anonymous pop-up show reveals the brand new attitude of TCAC: a plaza is going to be built with every individual’s imagination and engagement. No kidding. TCAC is what you define and how you experiment. Here is your secret garden. This is your nightmare and fantasy. This is your High Art Massage! All rules and frameworks are to be contested by you.

    The TCAC space in No. 11 ½, Lane 49, Baoan Street is an experimental platform open for your participation, curation and engagement from April 18th onward. The first open call is a live house reserved for the on-site volunteers to jam in the dark chamber. Please set your personal dress code and prepare your own gears, projects, music, images, body and bones…Those who may suffer from heart and respiratory diseases are not advised to take this particular opening ride.

    By launching this specific event, TCAC officially announces the grand and crazy open call for all sorts of projects and collaborations to take place in our new plaza in 2015 and 2016.



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