• 名家經典不只存在於繪畫也存在於時尚設計之中. 本次展覽展出了各領域名家與新銳藝術家以椅子為主題的作品. 其中包含了中國藝術家艾未未的木椅裝置, 台灣藝術家洪紹裴的立體壓克力繪畫, 以及將於J. Chen作個展的中國藝術家陳彧君的油畫作品. 本次展覽也展出由畫廊負責人收藏的設計大師Ron Arad經典不鏽鋼設計椅以及Marc Newson極度未來的椅子. 一窺經典設計家具成為藝術收藏界新寵兒的面貌.

    The classics of masters not only exist in the painting, but also be in the fashion design. This exhibition displays the works based on the theme of chair from the masters of various territories and the emerging artists, including the wood chair decoration of Chinese artist, Ai-Weiwei, the 3D acrylic painting of Taiwanese artist, Hung Shoapei, and the oil painting of Chinese artist, Chen Yujun, who is about to have a solo exhibition at Gallery J.Chen. Moreover, for perusing how the classic design furniture becomes more and more popular in the art collection world, the exhibition also shows the owner’s collection of stainless steel chair from the European design master, Ron Arad.