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    日期:2016-12-10 ~ 2017-01-29

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  • 許志強‧林瓊瑛2016雙個展
    開放時間:週二~週日11:00~18:00 (週一公休)




    Duo Exhibition by Hsu Chih-Chiang & Lin Chiung-Ying

    Exhibition Dates:2016.12.10(sat)~2017.01.29(sun)
    Venue: Ke-Yuan Gallery, 3/F, 126-8 ChongShan Rd., ChingShui Dist., Taichung, Taiwan
    Regular Hours:Tuesday-Sunday 11am~6pm (Closed on Monday)

    【Introduction to the Exhibition】

    Something Longer than Life
    Hsu Chih-Chiang

    If there is one thing really essential, it will be something you have never regretted throughout your life, even when you are standing on the threshold of death.

    Why have I dedicated my life to something longer than life? It is because I know I can never take away the things I own in this life to the next. Hundreds of years later, what I used to have or achieve may become a historical monument and I am nowhere to be found. It is what it is, and I am what I am. The path of life can be realized through a Buddhist saying that “neither the past, the present nor the future mind can be found.” But what have I found? I have found my original intention, determination, persistence, gratitude, repentance, and an eternal dedication. These are what will go with me when the day comes, but the results of them stay here in this world.

    Therefore, how thing is done matters a lot. As long as we keep our directions correct, “they should develop a mind which does not abide in anything.” Throughout the days of our lives, we have been accumulating the priceless treasure we can take away with us.

    Artists are no exception. We devote our lives to art, and what we carry with us in the end of our days are not the artworks but the dedication itself. It is such a dedication that we have no regret for the journey in this life.

    “If I were allowed a second chance, I would have not made a different choice.”

    I hope that in my limited span of life I can do my best to create some depth of it. When life hits us hard, we will take advantage of the obstacles rather than escaping from them. Let us be polished by the adversaries, and the survivors will be granted with a priceless reward. In this life, nothing is regrettable nor a toil. Like mountain trekking, I know how tiring it is but if you allowed me to make another decision in the first place, I would have not answered it differently rather than a “yes.” I am not here to exhaust myself, but once I survive the exhaustion, the sunrise or the sea of clouds seen from the mountain top becomes a memory beyond any language.



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