【心之 夢遊】

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    日期:2018-07-21 ~ 2018-09-02

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  • 親愛的世界上的人們喔,歡迎來到世界花園。你走進來時,它就成為屬於你的遼闊大地與天空,在任何時候變幻成你的夢想境界,可以與你誕生時和萬物相通的智慧再度融洽的相處,讓與生俱來的全知之心引領你的生命,讓心處於舒適的不敗之地,能夠隨心地施展拳腳。你可以經歷黑暗,孰悉恐懼和脆弱,明白什麼是恣肆脫韁,在渡過種種記憶和體會之後,你的心仍然透澈地知曉,那全知的初心永遠都在。現在,隨時,永遠,都回得去的。

    My people of the world, welcome to World Garden. At the moment you stepped in, it became your private broadness of space. It transforms into your moment of dreams, when and where you can reunite with your innate wisdom. You can listen to that wisdom, let it guide you through. You can fine tune your heart, put it in a composed position, so that you can use your reality creating power comfortably. You might had been through darkness, or familiar with fear, fragility or licentiousness. After all the experiences and memories, your heart still knows, that this omniscience spirit of yours is always there. And with this inborn spirit, your mind can always be renewed.
    Ever since the beginning of human memories, the nature environment nurtures our bodies and souls. In the expansion of around twenty thousand years, the nature have seen countless human brutalities, ignorance, benevolence and transformations. They know it all. In ancient times, people comfort themselves in the magnificent beauty of mountains and waters, wandered ecstatically in shan shui paintings. They were trying to find a spiritual connection and understanding, to find themselves. It is probably the same for all creatures. In an animals eyes lies the secrets that lead them through the process of life. Your inborn spiritual wisdom can also give practical solutions to your own life. If you are willing to use it, or even excel it, you can probably find the effect authentic.
    With a constant spirit, we paved a secret path for your reunion with yourself. You can savor the pictures, let it fade out and melt into your omniscient intuitive. Maybe come up with a little insight into your current challenge. Let the characters and scenery be your friends. Their enthusiasm, humor and serenity will always be with you.

    【心之夢遊】朱灝芸 圖繪展
    展覽日期︱2018.7.21 Sat ─ 9.2 Sun
    開幕茶會︱7.29 Sun 3:00pm
    展覽活動︱繪畫遊戲 8.5 Sun 3:00pm(歡迎來電報名)
    展出地點︱二空間 台北市中山區松江路226巷6號



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