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    日期:2009-08-27 ~ 2009-10-08

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  • 前波畫廊誠摯的邀請您欣賞於2009年8月27日至10月8日期間在前波畫廊北京空間舉行的《東西——郭鴻蔚新作展》。





    前波畫廊一直致力於支持並推廣郭鴻蔚的藝術。除了當前個展以外,前波畫廊還於2008年在其北京的空間策劃的年輕藝術家群展《Blog It: New Wave of New Wave》中展出過郭鴻蔚的一系列作品。我們也於2009年香港國際藝術展對其水彩作品進行了集中的展示,並得到了非常良好的公眾反映。如欲觀看展覽或對藝術家進行採訪請聯繫我們: +86(0)10 5127-3298


    New Works by Guo Hongwei
    Exhibition Dates: August 27- October 8, 2009

    Chambers Fine Art cordially invites you to preview Things - Hong Guowei’s New Works.

    Born only in 1982, Guo Hongwei somehow defies the expectations of his generation in his fascination with the endless possibilities of the medium of painting. For this reason his work demonstrates to us at Chambers the undiminished relevance and vibrancy of the practice of painting in China today.

    Things - Guo Hongwei’s New Works features a sequence of recent works. The first series is made up of large-format watercolor works on paper that evoke a private family photograph album. These blotched childhood memories are poignant but somehow remain skillfully unsentimental.

    The second series in the show includes oil and watercolor works in which Guo Hongwei has further developed his blurring painterly style but with a new direction in subject matter. Here, he depicts everyday objects such as chairs, toothbrushes, paper cups and cacti often viewed from unexpected angles. In these works he again succeeds in endowing these everyday subjects with youthful tenderness as well as a kind of energetic directness.

    For us, the key that unlocks the narrative within Things - Guo Hongwei’s New Works lies in a further set of works included in the show. The first is a simple watercolor on paper showing the corner of an empty room and the second is a series of studies of human skulls. These works clearly refer to period of regeneration and recuperation that the artist recently spent in his native Sichuan. A time during which he allowed himself to engage in a contemplation of life and a compulsive observing and re-viewing of his immediate surroundings. The result of this is, we believe, a capacity to experience fully these everyday subjects and to imbue them with an undeniable presence, meaning and importance.

    Chambers Fine Art is committed to supporting and developing Guo Hongwei’s work. In addition to the current solo exhibition, Chambers included works by the artist in the 2008 Beijing group exhibition Blog It: New Wave of New Wave. We also presented a strong showing of his work at Art Hong Kong Art 2009 which met with a very favorable response from the public.

    To arrange a viewing or to set up an interview with the artist please contact us on or just call on +86 (0)10 512 732 98.