【李元佳與年輕藝術家】Li Yuan-chia and Homages To

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    日期:2019-01-16 ~ 2019-03-09

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  • 亞紀畫廊很榮幸宣布將展出台灣戰後代表藝術家李元佳,此展獲得李元佳基金會(Li Yuan-chia Foundation)的全力支持,並歷經兩年策劃,是李元佳自 1956 年後首次於台灣商業畫廊的正式展覽。

    此次展出的作品將包括李元佳具代表性的水彩、珍貴的手繪上色攝影、木頭浮雕裝置等。除亞洲已非常收悉的東方畫派時期、波隆那時期以外,倫敦時期、坎布里亞時期的精品,將首次在台灣商業畫廊中呈現。另外,李元佳基金會的宗旨在於推動世人對李元佳藝術的理解—尤其是年輕世代:因之 Each Modern 以畫廊極擅長的對話手法,邀請具居住海外經驗的年輕藝術家,創作與之對話的作品,包括張碩尹、周世雄、藍仲軒、林亦軒、吳權倫、許炯,以及一部英國導演 Helen Petts 製作的電影「Space & Freedom」。
    展覽|李 元 佳 與 年 輕 藝 術 家 Li Yuan-chia and Homages To
    展期|January 16 – March 9 , 2019
    藝術家|李元佳 張碩尹 周世雄 藍仲軒 林亦軒 吳權倫 許炯 海倫 佩茲
    開幕酒會與現場演出|January 16 , 2019 ( 5 – 9 pm )

    Each Modern proudly presents its first exhibition featuring the works of artist, poet, and curator, Li Yuan-chia (1929-1994). Li Yuan-chia and Homages To features a selection of water colors, hand colored photographs, folding books, wooden relief and other creations by Li exhibited with the works of six younger Taiwanese and Chinese artists working within the contemporary context. These new works reflect an esteem and appreciation for a seminal figure within Chinese abstraction that crosses not only borders and physical boundaries, but generation and time as well.

    Li Yuan-chia’s historical context and background make it a unique challenge to categorize him. His photographic works typify this difficulty, as the hand-colored prints draw attention to the paradoxical singularity of a reproducible medium. Accompanying these works are a grouping of water colors that too straddle the multiple points from which he approached his practice, points of tradition and modernity.

    Li Yuan-chia and Homages To
    January 16 – March 9, 2019
    Opening Reception with Live Performance : January 16, 2019 | 5 – 9 pm

    Li Yuan-chia
    Chang TingTong
    Chou ShihHsiung
    Lan ChungHsuan
    Lin YiHsuan
    Helen Petts
    Wu ChuanLun
    Xu Jiong



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