【郭熙賢個展「形影不離 」】

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    日期:2019-03-02 ~ 2019-04-13

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  • 郭熙賢個展「形影不離 」

    ▍展期 | 2019. 03. 02 (六) ~ 2019. 04. 13 (六)
    ▍開幕茶會 | 2019. 03. 02 (六) 14:30
    ▍地點 | 序藝術 (高雄市苓雅區青年二路198號2樓)
    ▍開放時間 | 星期一至六, 10:30 - 18:00


    清代紀昀曰:「形影不離」。意思為影子和形體永不分離,為生命中的一部分。輕盈柔和的光帶給我們微溫, 同時呼喚著影子重生。在明暗不接的日落剎那,夕陽將影子困在存亡之間。夕陽使得影子伸展蔓延,準備躍入無明。



    “LIFE IN SHADOWS” Ellery Kwok Solo Exhibition

    ▍Duration | 2019. 03. 02 (Sat.) ~ 2019. 04. 13 (Sat.)
    ▍Opening Reception | 2019. 03. 02 (Sat.) 14:30
    ▍Venue | GATHER ART ( 2F., No.198, Qingnian 2nd Rd., Lingya Dist., Kaohsiung City)
    ▍Hours | Mon. – Sat. 10:30 - 18:00

    Artist Statement

    Qing scholar Ji Yun says the ‘Shadow never leaves us’. That is to say, the Shadow is always a part of us, a part of our lives. Light shines upon us with a gentle touch of warmth, inviting the shadows to come alive. Shadows before sunset are trapped in a dilemma, in a state of transience. Appearing in their longest and freest form, yet ready to leap into darkness in a moment.

    Light crept in between the alleys next to my apartment, quietly orchestrating a dancing performance in which shadows broke through their comfort boundaries, mingling with each other. This series of photographs show shadows in the concept of ‘fixed-explosive’ – being static while preserving their dynamism; at one and the same time, in motion and at rest.

    A set of seven photographs of shadows represents various journey in life: Maturing and Aging, developing Friendship, falling in Love, discovering and growing from Severance, forming a Family, belonging and contributing to Society, and practicing Individuality against mainstream. Relationships here are boiled down to the purest form – vanilla plain and free from distortion. They are a part of our lives with which we never live without, as Ji Yun suggested.

    郭熙賢個人網站 / Ellery's Personal Website:



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