【防止藝術擴散 Artivate】

  • 展期

    日期:2020-05-23 ~ 2020-06-14

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  • 誠品畫廊正式進駐新址與開幕活動



    為慶祝嶄新的開始,我們在五月二十三日將推出開幕活動「防止藝術擴散」,邀請十二位藝術家,為誠品畫廊新開張授權其作品圖面, 製作限量藝術口罩。參與藝術家包括:莊普、夏陽、顧福生、蘇旺伸、鄭君殿、林明弘、郭旭達、幾米、黃本蕊、松浦浩之、金氏徹平、林彥瑋。


    ESLITE GALLERY grand opening and project launch “Artivate”

    Spring is upon us and everything is coming back to life. ESLITE GALLERY has finally settled in eslite spectrum Songyan Store in the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, Xinyi District, Taipei. In this season of hope and fresh beginning, we will open doors on May 23 with a special project “Artivate” to welcome all art lovers to celebrate this momentous occasion with us.

    We are excited about this new chapter as we enter our 31st year. ESLITE GALLERY now joins the community of eslite performance hall, eslite art house, eslite bookstore and eslite hotel in eslite spectrum Songyan Store, while enjoying the company of the Baroque garden and No. 1 to 5 warehouses in the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. We look forward to engaging in exchanges with art and cultural professionals from home and abroad, infusing innovative energy into the diverse creative scene here, as well as bringing first-rate exhibitions to a broader audience.

    We are also pleased to announce a special project “Artivate,” for which twelve artists have authorized the use of their artwork images to design art cloth masks. Participating artists are: Tsong Pu, Hsia Yan, Fu-sheng Ku, Su Wong-shen, Jeng Jundian, Michael Lin, Shida Kuo, Jimmy Liao, Benrei Huang, Hiroyuki Matsuura, Teppei Kaneuji, Lin Yen Wei. In Iimited editions, “Artivate” will be presented in the grand opening.

    Let’s “artivate” our love for art! See you in our new space on May 23.



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