福利社 FreeS Art Space

【保持上班】 蕭其珩個展

  • 展期

    日期:2020-06-20 ~ 2020-07-18

  • 地點

    福利社(104 台北市中山區新生北路三段82號B1)

  • 展覽論述|



    The “KEEP” solo exhibition includes two series of works, ‘KEEP’ and ‘Mt.WuZhi’, depicting memories of serving in service and the abysmal condition while in service.
    Looking back on the year after being demobilized, I found that most of the memories are the way to draw pictures in the studio every day and the impression of playing with friends during vacations; for me, these memory fragments are really "be on duty", not the jobs that the alternative military does. Daily riding to the studio, punching in, drawing, eating and then riding back to the training unit, this standard process makes the creation look like working. Going out on holiday is very important in this year. At first, it was just relaxing. Over time, it becomes like a ritual, if you don't do it, you can't continue to work. The title of "KEEP" is like a wish for myself, saying that after I were demobilized, I can continue to work and can always have good time with friends.
    The ‘Mt.WuZhi’ series is composed of three forms: painting, sculpture and document records. In painting, oil painting is used as the main medium, depicting scenes from facing family life to eating, lodging, and riding a car after graduation, through three different stages of recruit training, professional training, and serving in the unit for comparison, it shows different degrees of tension and environment. Due to the mandatory military service, the time of painting creation is greatly compressed. Whenever I can go to the studio to create, it is more cherished. Later, when my art creative space develops into a studio, I record by my punch card. It is like an upside-down commuting for me. Over time formed the ‘Upside down Punch Machine’. Finally, in the sculpture works, I turned the discarded documents and documents of the service unit into paper pulp, and molded these pulps into five mountains. These pasted papers are also like sacrificial offerings and rune papers during worship, worshiping the year when freedom and restraint coexist.



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福利社 FreeS Art Space

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