【古 今 一 New Relics I超 越 Crossing Over】

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    日期:2020-07-31 ~ 2020-08-29

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  • 《古 今 一:超 越》
    New Relics I: Crossing Over
    July 31 – August 29, 2020
    Opening Reception|July 31, 6 – 8 PM
    展出藝術家 Artists|艾未未 Ai WeiWei、陳曉朋 Chen ShiauPeng、阮璽 Juan Sea、曾建穎 Tseng ChienYing、王廣義 Wang GuangYi、王挺宇 Wang TingYu、吳權倫 Wu ChuanLun、許炯 Xu Jiong
    古文物合作 Antique exhibitor|柴菴 Chai-an
    亞紀畫廊 Each Modern

    古 今 一:超 越
    經過兩年構思,Each Modern亞紀畫廊很榮幸推出全新展覽系列「古今」。
    「古今」意圖創造藝術的跨時代、跨文化、跨地域的全球性對話,Each Modern亞紀畫廊將每年推出一檔「古今」,第一年的主題定為「超越」。在「超越」中,亞紀畫廊一方面將亞洲古物的詮釋,重新帶入當代的語境與審美中,探尋它們在當代藝術與年輕視角中的共鳴。另一方面,亞紀畫廊思考亞洲當代藝術的脈絡與體系,藝術家如何在承繼與反駁之中,誕生出真正超越的作品。

    New Relics I:Crossing Over
    Uncover a new contemporary

    Each Modern is pleased to announce an all new thematic series titled “New Relics” two years in the making. “New Relics” aims to foster international art dialogues across region, culture, time, and space. “Crossing Over”, the first of this annual series, reexams Asian antiques and brings them into a contemporary context and aesthetic to seek their connections with Asian contemporary art and emerging artists. Furthermore, Each Modern contemplates the context and the system of Asian contemporary art, and how artists create greater works within this heritage and its denial.

    In examining the artifacts of the past, we see a contemporary consciousness echoed back to our present. Porcelains, fans, and other relics from worlds gone-by are tied to our present moment and reveal a shared elegance, taste, and sentiment. Contemporary artists also reinterpret these objects by adapting them to new modern works of art, at times using the connotations of these antiques to clash with the signs and symbols of our contemporaneity. The past confronts the present, the present reinterprets the past.

    In the new works of Asian contemporary artists, threads to this past are never fully severed. In ceramics, form, shape, and texture speak to the ancient world while defining our times. In some of these works, a hybridity of culture is inherent, as artists use traditional elements in western contexts. Again, like in the ancient past, these objects are circulated around the world. As art and object cross new boundaries, so do the ideas and cultures they represent.
    Through the contemporary artist and the antique object, what “Crossing Over” presents is more than the sum of their elegance. They are ideas made tangible and transmitted across cultures and time.
    Art lives. Ideas endure.



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