【電波地上──吉田憲史個展//In Teleland──Solo Exhibition of Qenji Yoshida】

  • 展期

    日期:2020-08-15 ~ 2020-08-29

  • 地點

    100 臺北市汀州路三段230巷14弄2號

  • ● 展期/8.15(六)-8.29(六) (周一休館)
    ● 藝術家導覽/8.15(六) 14:30
    ● 開放時間/10:00-18:00
    ● 地點/寶藏巖國際藝術村 59 弄 2 號 (免費入場)
    ● 藝術家/吉田憲史

    電波地上( In Teleland ) 是日本藝術家吉田憲史的個展,他由於疫情的關係目前滯留在台灣。這個展覽名稱來自於歷史上最早期的電視卡通系列之一“Jim and Judy in Teleland” (1949)。卡通 “Jim and Judy in Teleland”便如同它的名字一般,是在描述Jim 和 Judy的大冒險。他們藉由爬進電視機,實際走訪了遙遠的地區與國度,換句話說,是一個因螢幕普及化而帶來想像力的故事。這個展覽測試了人類∕線上的活動和現象,例如發生在電腦或手機螢幕上的遠程監控 ( tele-presence )、遠程性 ( tele-sexuality ),以及跨國主義 ( transnationalism )。因為這次的肺炎疫情,這些現象透過平凡的物質,像是錄像、圖片、聲音和網路而更加快速地更迭。

    ── 藝術家 ──

    ── 特別感謝 ──
    財團法人原住民族語言研究發展基金會, PDIS (Public Digital Innovation Space)、施怡帆、陣政穎、范綱燊、Rik De Busser、Bali Nangavulan、王秀蓮、Kerim Friedman、Tresna Yusa Muhamad、Gökçen Dilek Acay、施雅恬、扶若雅、Will Slater、大島 亮、齋部 神威、Norman de los Santos、細谷悠生、吳映咨、張君慈、何侊倢、TRA-TRAVEL


    ● Exhibition Period/8.15(Sat.) – 8.29(Sat.) (Closed on Monday)
    ● Open Time/10:00-18:00
    ● Exhibition Tour/8.15(Sat.) 14:30
    ● Venue/Treasure Hill Artist Village, No. 2, Alley 59
    ● Artist/Qenji YOSHIDA
    ● Entry/Free

    “In Teleland”, the title of the solo exhibition of a Japanese artist Qenji Yoshida, who is currently stuck in Taiwan due to coronavirus, refers to “Jim and Judy in Teleland (1949)” which was one of the historically first cartoon series made for television. The animation, as its title “In Teleland” suggests, is about adventures of Jim and Judy who travel physically remote lands/countries by climbing into their TV monitor. It is, in other words, a story about the imagination brought about by the newly generalized infrastructure of the square screen, the television. The exhibition examines current human/online activities and phenomena such as tele-presence, tele-sexuality and shifting transnationalism that take place on screens (e.g., laptops and smartphones) that have been rapidly accelerated by the current coronavirus outbreak, by employing today's mundane materials of video, images, sound, and the Internet.

    ── Artist ──
    Qenji Yoshida is a Japanese artist, currently based in Taiwan under the artist fellowship for a 1-year project granted by the Japanese cultural ministry.
    He often utilizes mistakes as his artistic inspiration and is especially fond of being in a state of being lost-in-translation in order to seek a possible bridge between others including different species.

    ── Acknowledgements ──
    財團法人原住民族語言研究發展基金會, PDIS (Public Digital Innovation Space), 施怡帆, 陣政穎, 范綱燊, Rik De Busser, Bali Nangavulan, 王秀蓮, Kerim Friedman, Tresna Yusa Muhamad, Gökçen Dilek Acay, 施雅恬, 扶若雅, Will Slater, 大島 亮, 齋部 神威, Norman de los Santos, 細谷悠生, 吳映咨, 張君慈, 何侊倢, TRA-TRAVEL

寶藏巖國際藝術村吉田憲史日本藝術家Jim and Judy in Teleland


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