【洋洋灑灑】台北國際藝術博覽會 2020 阿波羅畫廊

《洋洋灑灑》ART TAIPEI 2020 阿波羅畫廊

展期:2020.10.23 - 26 *購票資訊請上ART TAIPEI官網查詢
預展:2020.10.22 *請憑邀請卡入場
參展藝術家:陳進、郭雪湖、劉耕谷、洛貞、葉東進、Mario Weinberg、黃法誠、黃郁筑
展位:C05 阿波羅畫廊 x M07(MIT)






德國藝術家Mario Weinberg結合平塗、厚塗、徒手、塗鴉等手法,搭配多種媒材及繽紛色彩,完成令人耳目一新的作品。



2020年Art Taipei阿波羅畫廊以「洋洋灑灑」為策展主題,介紹八位不同世代的藝術家,企圖讓觀者循著洋洋灑灑的歷史脈絡,拓展觀點以及藝術賞析視野。

MIT新人特區展位 M07

"Yang Yang Sa Sa" : Voluminous and magnificent
This Chinese phase usually describes dialogues or conversations that are unbroken and abundant. If applied to artistic creativity, how can it be used to elaborate an artist’s expression? For this year’s Art Taipei, Apollo Art Gallery will showcase 8 artists across varying generations. With the theme of “Yang Yang Sa Sa,” Apollo hopes to both immerse viewers in the richness of Taiwan art through the ages as well as expand the minds of viewers with new perspectives and horizons.

Chen Chin and Kuo Hsueh-Hu, known as two of "Three Teens of Taiwan Art Exhibition”, have been hugely renowned since the time of the Japanese occupation. Their floral and landscape paintings combine traditional Oriental techniques and modern styles. In this exhibition, we are exhibiting Chen Chin's exquisite floral painting "Orchid” and the magnificent “Glen” landscape. Kuo Hsueh-Hu’s “Orchid,” circa the 1950s, as well as his "Autumn in Washington,” showcasing a street view of Washington D.C., will also be shown.

Liu Gung-Gu, who once exhibited as part of a group exhibition at Apollo Art Gallery in 1987, burst onto the scene shocking the art world with enormous Eastern Gouache paintings. His “Night “Waves at the Cape” uses a large oblique angle as its composition to describe the reef rock scenery of the Northeastern Coast of Taiwan. Liu’s exquisite flowers and still life will also be available.

Lo Tsen, who had a solo exhibition at the Apollo Art Gallery for the first time in 1984, returns after years of enriched life experiences abroad. Her growing creativity enables her to use ink as medium and rice paper instead of canvas, creating tension in her usage of abstract expressionism. This time, painted works such as “Wander,” “Embrace,” and “Constant” and bronze sculptures "Pretty" and "Charming" will be exhibited.

Yeh Tung-Jinn uses layers of oil pastels to create special textures on screens. “Tathagata” is the title of Yeh Tung-Jinn’s recently completed series., with the mountain remaining the theme of his paintings.

German artist Mario Weinberg specialises in combining flat coating, freehand, abstraction, graffiti and other additional techniques to express himself. This time, he brings new multimedia works, each refreshing and exciting in its own way.

Huang Fa-Cheng, the winner of the first "Go-To Taiwan Art Award", presents his series "Free life pond.” The series represents the artist’s perspective on society, using the influence of Chinese pond-landscaping combined with traces of man to reflect on the mentalities of mankind.

The emerging artist Huang Yu-Chu will join Art Taipei for the first time. Huang’s “Social Distancing” series - created using hemp paper, ink, water-based and mineral pigments - expresses the lifestyles, desires, and thoughts of being alone through complex and layers patches of color.

MIT Newcomer Special Exhibit M07
Chen Ting-Rong graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna with a master’s degree in Performance Art and Sculpture. Using replication and replacement as themes, Chen’s works utilise artefacts of the cultural industry and explores their relationships with people. He explores concepts such as the transformation of globalisation as an ideology, fetishism, and society in a mobile and post-Internet era. He presents 3 works for Art Taipei: Cloud Shepherds, the Circuit series, and RPM.

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