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    日期:2021-07-24 ~ 2021-08-21

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2021.07.24 (Sat.) – 2021.08.21 (Sat.)

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與談人|鄧肯 · 蒙弗特
Panelists|Duncan Mountf


「方體演算」隸屬於自明的系統模組,箱中物互相關連,展現運作獨立而線性關聯的產出與系統運作。「方體」(Cuboid) 不僅是創作元素,也是一種思考方法:方體結構的箱,模塊化連接並收容著概念;「演算」(Calculation)意指 「將輸入值轉換為單一或多個結果」,呼應藝術家利用水泥組裝各式各樣的元件,物與概念的串聯過程,有如找尋一最終的解答。此展試圖揭示藝術家透過某些計算而形成系列的抽象集體。



LIN Yu-Cheng explores the corners of everyday life, using hand-made cement modules, motors, artificial fabric and wool to create installations that endlessly rotate and murmur. This new exhibition shows a series of mechanical compositions made in the past ten years, presenting an experimental field, a black box, that opens up an alienated space providing an experience that is intimate, arouses suspicion and engages the senses.
" Calculation in Cuboid" is a miniature theater where quotidian objects juggle and sway in boxes as if on the stage . The separate parts - manhole covers, pipes, columns, walls, door handles, switches, bricks – have been collected from the urban environment, set in frames, and turned into parts of a solid mass with cement. Seemingly stagnant and inert, these elements retain their vitality amid the repeated percussive operation of the motors. Many of the works in this solo exhibition have been reconstructed from older pieces, as the artist reconfigures his components as parts of a new system away from that of utility and a domestic context in order to weave new stories. As found objects that have been cleaned, classified, combined and then resurrected with new identities, this "regeneration technique" demonstrates a serious intention to rethink the everyday.
The modules of " Calculation in Cuboid " are a self-explanatory system, with objects in boxes relating to each other, showing a system that operates independently and is linearly related. "Cuboid" not only refers to the geometric elements, but also to a way of thinking: a box of a cubic structure, modularly connected and containing multiple concepts. "Calculation" can mean "convert input values into single or multiple results", and this echoes the artist's use of cement to assemble and combine the different components. This creative process of connecting objects and concepts is similar to discovering an overall solution, and this exhibition reveals the abstract collections formed from certain calculations by the artist.
The "cuboids" are installed on customized scaffolds similar to those on building sites, with many works deliberately placed upside down, or raised above eye level, to attract the viewer by their noise and the shimmering lights in the boxes. The viewer is invited to lean over the scaffolding, or climb a ladder to inspect the works, an installation aesthetic that decenters the viewer allowing a freedom of interpretation. If the artist is a technician who produces the module, the viewer is an inspector who comes to verify the works through a secret visit.
The theme of this exhibition is the process of artistic creation, and " Calculation in Cuboid " shows the artist's individual actions and his continuous search for results using many frameworks and settings. This creative action begins with observation, collection, symbolization, and the use of modules, these models sometimes laying out scenes of failure. Displayed as a theater and collection, the work is visually pleasing, and equally shows a feel for contemporary urban life with the control of the spatial elements. From a rational starting point, we witness the artist's creative input and the actions of internal reconstruction. The viewer is invited to think about the functions of art, think of how to subjectively give life to objects, and of the motivation for progress in inner space.



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