【心物.微觀–蔡獻友創作展】Mind, Minor Matter-Tsai Hsien-Yiu Solo Exhibition

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    日期:2021-10-13 ~ 2021-12-05

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盧梭(Henri Rousseau)曾說:如果上帝是在宇宙冷靜的看著人類,人更應該生活在變動世界中尋找自我,對一切關於自己知識抱持著學習與懷疑態度,為自己的存在找到價值與可能。




展覽日期|2021/10/13(三) – 2021/12/05(日)
展覽時間|週三至週日 11:00-18:00
開幕茶會|2021/10/30(六) 14:00

座談會|即心.微物 2021/10/30(六) 15:00-17:00
引言人|張聰賢 / 藝術工作者、獨立策展人
藝術家|蔡獻友 / 正修科技大學視覺傳達設計系教授
與談人|黃文勇 / 台南應用科技大學美術系副教授

Henri Rousseau had stated—if God truly is observing man from the heavens disinterestedly, then man should seek thyself while living in the world of uncertainty, and discover the value and the possibility of their own existence by holding a learning, questioning attitude toward every piece of knowledge about oneself.

The exhibition Mind, Minor Matter is titled according to my personal observation on and perception of the artist’s work throughout many years. The artist presents highly poetic works ever since his History of Plants series and his works strike you as if they are images from negative films. He has been constantly attempting an exceedingly inactive posture through his work, like an unknown, invisible author as his work is done. In the past, to provide perspectives on acknowledgment and seeing, many works referred to being-for-others. While the common technique in art academies of presenting artwork as a trendy, contemporary expression has often neglected the basic materialistic features of the work, in this exhibition, with a still attitude, art materials return as what they are themselves in the artist’s hand. It demonstrates the artist’s profound experience while he was facing his materials and canvas.

From merely natural elements to the existence of art form in canvas—the artist, albeit being an artist with an art school training background, persistently explores the materiality of/in his media during his creative process. While the materiality is transformed into created images—there is a conceptual attachment to the visible realm—this art may be more than a coexistence to its creator’s idea, but also becomes a difference, restored by concept and produced with artistic media via the artist’s concepts. As the artist had said himself, he intended to detach himself from the work. Perhaps for an artist his own work often disguises itself as another extension to his ego. Thus his work is also just a naked, personal expression by an artist, which wanders along the echoes of thoughts via the reproduction and the qualitative change in materialistic terms, and its purpose is to conquer the versatility of material in the name of art. Yet the artist portrays a submissive, humble view of life in the core of his art.

No material matter can be fully detached to human souls, the existential meaning of matter manifests ultimately through man’s soul. I believe it is the same logic—how God exists in every man’s heart and a man without the perception of his heart is merely a representation of the human body. As it is said by the existentialists, to understand oneself one must learn through inner experiences. The expression of artistic ideas ought to be a personal creation; those applied materials are not meant to be detached from the artwork itself, but to express a relationship of dialogue between man and his object via motionless presentation. As the artist himself once said: “My paintings are basically restoring the features of my media(materials) and, instead of using techniques as means to manage my materials, they have the materials as their own characteristics.”

Mind, Minor Matter-Tsai Hsien-Yiu Solo Exhibition
Duration|October 13 - December 5, 2021
Opening Hours|11:00-18:00, Closed on Monday and Tuesday
Opening Reception|October 30, 2021, 14:00
Venue |102Art Gallery



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