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    日期:2012-07-07 ~ 2012-08-04

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  • 美術史上的藝術家如果畢生沒做過幾件版畫作品,那似乎未能稱呼他為藝術大師,原因在於,版畫是藝術大師們必然要創作的媒材之一,如畢卡索、米羅、達利、達比也斯、奇伊達等等,以及旅法的趙無極、朱德群等前輩,直到台灣的五月、東方畫會成員,都能以版畫作品成為其各自的代表性作品,如蕭勤、吳昊和陳庭詩等人。



    張家瑀 2012.06


    Evolution of Art Duplicates: The Exhibition of Taiwanese Contemporary Print Art
    Opening Reception: 2012/7/7 2pm (Moons Art Gallery)
    Dates: 2012/7/7~8/4
    Venues: Powen Gallery & Moons Art Gallery
    Artists: Tek-Khean Lee, Yi-Lung Lin, Wei Hsu, Chia-Yu Chang,
    Chun-Yuan Huang, Chia-Hao Yeh, Chee-Hoe Yow
    Curator: Chia-Yu Chang
    Tour Guide: Wednesdays & Saturdays 2pm

    In world art history, the renowned artists may not be highly commended to be art masters if they did not work several print creations in their whole life. The reason is that print art is one of the essential media in which art masters are interested.

    In the West, for example, the art masters are Pablo Picasso, Joan Miró, Salvador Dalí, Antoni Tàpies, and Eduardo Chillida. In the East, from the Chinese-French respected art masters like Zao Wou-Ki and Chu Teh-Chun to the members at Fifth Moon Group or Ton Fon Art Group as Hsiao Chin, Wu Hao and Chen Ting-Shih, print art have been regarded as their remarkable achievement.

    In “Evolution of Art Duplicates- The Exhibition of Taiwanese Contemporary Print Art”, print is the only art medium displayed by a university printmaker professor Chia-Yu Chang, with 6 outstanding young printmakers of marked individuality as Tek-Khean Lee, Yi-Lung Lin, Wei Hsu, Chun-Yuan Huang, Chia-Hao Yeh, Chee-Hoe Yow. All of us have studied print art for many years. Print is an unusual art medium which produces a good number of duplicates, so we look forward this art will attract more and more art lovers.

    We sincerely hope that art can be found out easily in the daily life, and the
    art atmosphere with culture will penetrate and pervade in Taiwanese society.

    Chia-Yu Chang
    June, 2012



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