【秋之脈動 Autumn Momentum】安保羅的振諧擴展世界 Dilated Resonance: The Solo Exhibition of Paul Hanrahan

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    日期:2023-10-14 ~ 2023-12-31

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    大果文化 Core Cultural 官網

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    安保羅 Paul Hanrahan

  • 我們邀請您踏上一場超越塵世的旅程,進入安保羅引人入勝的世界,在這裡藝術與現實的邊界模糊,而每一筆藝術之作都成為無限創意的入口。


    安保羅不僅僅是一位創作者;他更像一位演繹指揮視覺交響樂的指揮家,挑戰我們對美學的理解,促使我們質疑藝術本質。 他的畫布不僅限於普通感知的界限,也延伸到人類情感的宇宙。


    在安保羅的藝術字典裡,畫筆只是其一。 鏡子、透鏡和擺鐘變成了載體,將他的願景變成現實。 這些作品見證了他的精湛技藝,是意圖和偶然的和諧融合,即使是多餘的油漆、金屬和木材的殘餘物也為不斷演進的敘事做出貢獻。


    安保羅作品的核心是對色彩和光的共鳴的深刻探討。 他對色彩的並置超越了美學,深入靈魂對視覺光譜的連結。 當你站在他的作品前時,你被邀請跟隨感知的波長起舞,顏色不再只是陰影,而變成了情感的本質。


    在當代藝術織就的畫卷中,安保羅是一位傑出的藝術家,他的作品挑戰了分類。 他對不可預測性和干涉波紋的擁抱反映了觀眾現代生活的複雜性,就像一面鏡子,映照出我們在混亂的存在中對意義的不懈追求。




    安保羅的藝術是一場引人入勝的交響樂,是混沌與美麗的和諧融合,挑戰你突破現實的表面,發現人類經驗中的深刻連結。 當你沉浸在這個作品的萬花筒中,讓它們與你的靈魂共鳴,喚醒你內心的藝術家,啟發你踏上創作和自我發現之旅。

    歡迎來到安保羅的振諧擴展世界,在這裡,藝術家和觀眾之間的界限消失,每一次凝視都會使世界煥然一新。 這些作品不僅是為了觀賞,更是為了被擁抱、收藏和捕捉,因為每一道光線都能展開一個宇宙。邀請您探索安保羅神秘領域中光線、形式和感知的交互作用。

    大果文化/創意總監 Ivan Huang


    Dilated Resonance: The Solo Exhibition of Paul Hanrahan
    ~The Autumn Momentum Series 秋之脈動系列

    We invite you to embark on a transcendent journey into the captivating realm of Paul Hanrahan, where the boundaries between art and reality blur, and each stroke of his artistic brush becomes a portal to boundless creativity.

    Discovering the Alchemist of Perception 發現魔幻的視角

    Paul Hanrahan isn’t merely an artist; he is a maestro, conducting visual symphonies that challenge our understanding of aesthetics and beckon us to question the essence of art itself. His canvas extends far beyond the confines of ordinary perception, reaching into the cosmos of human emotion.

    Materials as the Vessels of Imagination 媒材只是想像力的載具

    Within Hanrahan‘s artistic lexicon, the brush is but one facet. Mirrors, lenses, and pendulums transform into vessels, channeling his visions into reality. These creations bear witness to his mastery, a harmonious fusion of intention and serendipity, where even remnants of excess paint, metal, and wood contribute to the ever-evolving narrative.

    Inspiration Illuminated by Resonance 靈感照亮和諧的共振

    At the core of Hanrahan’s oeuvre lies a profound inquiry into the resonance of color and light. His juxtaposition of hues transcends aesthetics, delving deep into the soul's connection to the visual spectrum. As you stand before his works, you are invited to dance along the wavelength of perception, where colors cease to be mere shades and become the very essence of emotion.

    Contemporary Significance: Defying Categorization 解構當代分類

    In the tapestry of contemporary art, Paul Hanrahan emerges as a luminary whose work defies categorization. His embrace of unpredictability and interference patterns mirrors the intricate complexity of our modern lives. His art is a mirror reflecting our relentless quest for meaning amidst the chaotic fabric of existence.

    Viewing Through the Lens of Self-Discovery 內觀的自我照見

    As you engage with these creations, discard your preconceived notions, for Hanrahan's art is an interactive dialogue between creator and beholder. Mirrors, projections, and illuminated material not only reflect and refract the physical form but also our unique perspective, evoking a profound sense of self-discovery and child-like wonder. Each piece inviting us to ask ourselves: “What is a camera? What is a projector? What is a mind?”, and furthermore, a soul?

    In Summation: An Ephemeral Symphony 結論:剎那凝聚的交響樂曲

    Paul Hanrahan’s art is a captivating symphony, a harmonious blend of chaos and beauty that challenges you to pierce the surface of reality and discover profound connections within the human experience. As you immerse yourself in this kaleidoscope of creations, allow them to resonate with your soul, awakening the artist within and inspiring you on your own journey of creation and self-discovery.

    Welcome to "Dilated Resonance," where the lines between artist and audience dissolve, and the world is reborn with each gaze. These artworks are not meant to be merely observed but to be embraced, collected, and captured, for within each line of light, a universe unfolds, beckoning you to explore the interplay of light, form, and perception in the enigmatic realm of Paul Hanrahan.

    By Ivan Huang, Creative Director/Core Cultural Management


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