• 展期

    日期:2010-04-17 ~ 2010-05-31

  • 地點

    當代唐人藝術中心 (北京市朝陽區大山子酒仙橋路2號798藝術區)

  • 在70後的藝術家群體中,李暉無疑是其中的佼佼者。他是一個有著廣泛的興趣愛好的人,尤其是對於電影和機械著迷;同時他也是一個具有與眾不同的反向思維的藝術家。他善於捕捉有著潛在意義的現象–無論是社會性的還是有關於個人體驗的,並且把它們植入到藝術的框架內進行思考,進而融入到自己的藝術創作中。作為一個對於材料和語言的把握有著敏銳感覺, 並且有著極強的動手能力的藝術家,李暉的創作始終堅持自己的方向,圍繞著「物性」和「精神」這兩個層面的探索和研究.它們強調極度的不確定性和可變性,在對於材料和形式的三度空間轉換中去創造一種新的語義,從而嘗試在冰冷堅硬的電子和機械的視覺語言中體現一種細膩的對於生命的關懷。

    李暉最近一直在嘗試拓展自己的藝術語言和方法論,在作品中引入空間的元素,把空間作為藝術造型的一個重要維度,突破了以往注重單體作品的效果,而是把作品與環境和空間作為一個整體來考慮和構想。在北京唐人即將展出的作品既展現了他一貫的對於材料美學的把握,同時又嘗試著把他的藝術思考和實踐的層面拓展到一個新的階段和領域,從以前注重具體的形式感的呈現進入到更加注重作品概念性的挖掘和深層次的精神意義的層面。在唐人的這個展覽將把展覽的空間與環境轉化成為他作品的一部分,空間即是作品, 作品既是空間, 二者合而為一, 從而營造出一種既現實同時又極為超現實的空間,試圖讓觀眾在一種相對的空虛中感受心理上絕對的壓迫和緊張,從而去探究處於極端環境下個人心理和精神層面可能產生的變化。對於李暉來說,這個展覽實現了從實入虛的一個轉折, 意味著他的創作理念已經從必然的階段躍入到一個比較自由的境界。

    李暉生於1977年, 畢業於中央美術學院, 現在生活和工作在北京.他曾於2007年在唐人北京與台灣藝術家洪東祿舉辦過雙個展《SPIN》,在2009年唐人香港舉辦了個展《虛與實的物性》。 另外他也曾在德國,台灣,香港,法國,印尼,奧地利和意大利等地多次舉辦過個展和群展。
    Li Hui is undoubtedly a leading figure amongst artists born in the post 70’s. He has interests in a wide variety of things, especially towards films and mechanics. As an artist who applies reverse thinking, Li Hui is able to capture and express the subliminal contents within both social phenomenon and his personal experiences which he blends into his creativity. As an artist with high abilities in manoeuvre and is sensitive with material and tight grasp of his content, Li Hui is continuing to project himself in his set course in exploration of the “natural state” and “spirit” of his subjects, emphasizing uncertainty and unpredictability, creating a new content of speech in the 3-dimensional sphere of material and form, in bringing forth a detailed attentiveness for life amongst the rigidity of electronics and mechanics.

    Recently, Li Hui had been expanding his language in art by introducing spatial elements into his art as one of his principal dimensions, breaking his original concept where the subjects are treated as an independent entity, instead, they become a part of the space and time relations which surrounds them. The works which Tang Contemporary Beijing will be exhibiting explore both his unfailing aesthetical tastes for materials, as well as his breakthroughs in artistic thought which transcended from the specifications of form to the more profound conceptuality and spirituality of his artworks. For this upcoming exhibition, Tang Contemporary Beijing will transform the exhibition space into a part of the artwork, the space becomes the artwork and the artwork is the space itself, forming a realistic, at the same time, surrealistic spatial environment in effort to allow the audience to experience tension and repression in a relative vast and empty surrounding, which may reflect the changes taking place in the psychological spheres when confined within extreme surroundings. For Li Hui, this exhibition will witness his change from the actual to the nil. This signifies an inevitable change from one stage into one with more room for creativity.

    Li Hui was born in 1977.Graduated form CAFA, he is now working and living in Beijing. He held a Solo Exhibition “SPIN” in Tang Contemporary Beijing with Taiwan artist Hong Donglu, in 2009 Tang Contemporary Hong Kong held solo exhibition “Dialectics of Void and Substance”. He had also had many group and solo exhibitions in Germany, Taiwan, Hong Kong, France, Indonesia, Austria and Italy.