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    日期:2015-10-31 ~ 2015-10-31

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  • 密謀者,一種長期過著秘密生活的叛動者。




    時間:2015/10/31, Sat, 3pm

    A conspirators, a rebel who leads a long-term secret life.

    After the experience of walking through many dysfunctional sites deserted by the contemporary political and economical changes around Taiwan in the past few years, including the wasted vacuum of exploded mining sites, indigenous villages suffered from the violent Japanese occupation, abandoned residential areas in the mountains, I started to write something in the memory of those sick elder miners, old people who had been in jails for their pro-independence belief, Mr. Chang Cheng-Kuang who was a Japanese trainee solider in the Kamikaze…

    The publishing of A Spinning Top: Art Creation and Life Spared, the finale of The Three-Mirror Lens of the Archipelagic Art series, is a documentary recollection of my personal artistic practice, art critique writings and projects related to the above mentioned subjects.

    “Spinning a Top in Some Forgotten Place” features five actions in three months to compose the image of a spinning top. We walked to the beach, the mountains, the abandoned prisons and old mining sites together. In these revisits, friends were invited for story-telling, discussion sharing, watching mobile screening and to re-spin the images of those sites at the margins of our memories.

    Time: 2015/10/31, Sat, 3pm
    Venue: Taipei Contemporary Art Center, No. 11, Lane 49, Baoan Street, Taipei (MRT: Daqiaotou Station)
    Speaker: Kao Jun-Honn
    (The talk will be in Chinese.)



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