【萬物生長】CHENG PROJECT國貿空間於4月28日首展開幕

  • 展期

    日期:2017-04-28 ~ 2017-06-11

  • 地點


  • 成當代藝術中心聯合設計貓共同推出CHENG PROJECT國貿藝術空間,首展“萬物生長”於2017年4月28日開幕。曹太平、GERALDINE SWYNE、何岸、何盛源、李怒、梁銓、馬樹青、PAUL HOUSLEY、PHILLIP ALLEN、任哲、TONY BROWN、唐永祥、吳夢詩、夏航、楊茂源、于洋、張麗丹十七位藝術家參展。


    首展“萬物生長”寄託了成當代藝術中心對國貿新空間的理念與定位,從空間選擇的角度來說,在非傳統學術空間的商業地帶開啟新空間,代表一種藝術向外滋長的姿態,拓展熟知畫廊空間之外作品在不同場域中發展的可能性。這個根植於商業區域的藝術沃土,將與藝術家一起,容納所有的藝術形態與藝術理想在此萌芽生長。在國貿這樣一個貼滿商業標籤的快節奏地帶,我們的新空間將是成當代藝術中心新專案 Cheng Project 的先鋒基地,以此為起點進行更多的當代藝術探索與嘗試。

    展覽將延續到 2017 年 6 月 11 日。 誠邀公眾與我們共同關注在萬物不斷革變的資訊時代, 當代藝術的觸手將向何處生長。

    A new space by CCCA and DESIGN MORE lands at China World Mall.. The first exhibition ”Ever Since” will open on April 28th 2017. 17 artists involve in: Cao Taiping/Geralding Swyne/He An/Ho SingYoon/Li Nu/Liang Quan/Ma Shuqing/ Paul Housley/Phillip Allen/Ren Zhe/Tang Yongxiang/Wu Mengshi/Xia Hang/Yang Maoyuan/Yu Yang/Zhang Lidan.

    There are paintings, photography, sculptures, videos and dynamic installation contributing to the diversity of form. Through the infinite exploration and expansion for materials, language, painting and concept in art expression, plus the transformation and breakthrough of media from participant artists, the interaction between art and multi-media can be discussed here. Naming as “Ever Since” is intent to picture a view that thousands of thoughts and forms intricately growing to create possibilities of contemporary art.

    The first exhibition “Ever Since” conveys concept and positioning of our new space in China World Mall: placing a new space out of traditional academic zone but a commercial area is to present a posture that art is growing outward. More possibilities of understanding and vitality in art works will be found in different fields. The fertile field here, where welcoming all kinds of art forms and art ideal to root in and grow, is how we describe the new space in China World Mall. As locating in a fast-shifting place full of commercial tags, our new space can be seen as a pioneer base for “Cheng Project” , where we will march distant to more exploration and practice of contemporary art.

    The exhibition will last until June 11st, 2017. We sincerely invite public to join us and pay attention to the growing trend of contemporary of art in this fast shifting information era.



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