• 展期

    日期:2018-09-01 ~ 2018-11-18

  • 地點

    國立台灣美術館 數位藝術方舟台中市西區五權西路一段2號

  • 「Chromesthesia」,又稱連帶色覺,是一種聯覺通感,這是一種具有神經基礎的感知狀態,表示一種感官刺激或認知途徑,會自發且非主動地引起另一種感知或認識。而連帶色覺通常指的是經過聲音會喚起顏色的知覺。音像作品(audio-visual work)即為這種聯覺通感的最佳詮釋。


    Chromesthesia Resonance
    “Chromesthesia”, a type of synesthesia, is a perceptual phenomenon involving neurological conditions in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in another sensory or cognition. Chromesthesia usually refers to when heard sounds automatically and involuntarily evoke an experience of color, and audio-visual works are a good example of such phenomenon.

    The concept with audio-visual art is partially derived from the concept of Gesamtkunstwerk (“total work of art”) proposed by Richard Wagner, which describes the perceptive behavior of art that combines all feelings into a comprehensive experience. In the digital era with advancing computer software and hardware, the synchronicity of the two time-based art forms (sound and image) has become a common applied technology; however, the decisions involving what guidelines should be established for the different elements to connect with each other, and also how to convert information of different forms rely on how artists define and manipulate these media. The objective of this exhibition and its related activities is to appeal to more people and perhaps for them to also get involved in making art.



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