多納藝術:【茸茸--寵物當代藝術展】Fluffy: Pet Contemporary Art Show

Fluffy: Pet Contemporary Art Show

【展出藝術家 Artist】 (依中文姓氏順序排列)
* 安恰娜‧恰麗亞琶朋 Anchana CHAREEAPAPORN
* 吳怡蒨 WU I-Chien
* 宮城勝規 MIYAGI Katsunori
* 張麗真 CHANG Li-Chen
* 蔡宜儒 TSAI Yi-Ju

【展覽期間 Time】
10/20(六Sat.)~11/24(六 Sat.)
11am ~ 7pm, Sundays off

【展覽地址 Venue】
7F., No.112, Sec. 2, Keelung Rd., Da’an Dist. Taipei City
map導航▶▶ https://goo.gl/maps/HgsiP9pYD4D2

多納藝術這次展覽「茸茸 – 寵物當代藝術展」以色彩明亮、溫馨有趣的藝術畫作和鉤織立體作品呈現,來探討現代人與寵物之間的情感依附關係。本次共展出5位藝術家,包含3位台灣藝術家,1位日本藝術家及1位泰國藝術家共超過80幅深具趣味性的寵物作品,除了鉤織立體作品之外,大多為體積精巧、好入手的小型畫作為主。
台灣藝術家 -吳怡蒨 (WU I-Chien)為師大美術系學士及美國紐約普拉特藝術學院電腦繪圖系碩士,目前專職藝術創作。她除擅長簡約抽象畫外,也常透過可愛的插圖繪本風格展現幽默風趣。這次展出五件作品中,有兩隻兔子是她家中的寵物,透過顏料層層堆疊的創作手法,不但增添表面的層次,同時也讓心靈中深層的畫面充滿夢幻感。
蔡宜儒 (TSAI Yi-Ju) 則是藉由紮實的東方水墨底蘊作為繪畫創作上的發展根基,在保留傳統皴、擦、點、染等筆墨精神之餘,更融合了西方現代繪畫表現裡的造型思考元素,進而從作品中得以閱讀到一股有別於傳統書畫的赤子童心、幽默意趣與個性化的總體表現。此次參展作品中,以常民生活裡可見的動物 - 松鼠、鳥、狗為主題,藉由心象造境的感性手法,配合著活潑俐落的筆調,於虛實氣韻間相襯相映出主題。
張麗真 (CHANG Li-Chen) 的編織藝術,主要以棉、麻等柔軟的材料為創作媒材,輔以具年代感的古件,或使用自然的元素如漂流木、石子及陶瓷。她覺得小動物的頑固傻氣又貪玩,就像是自己的創作態度一樣。透過擬人化的情境,她也讓每隻寵物都活了起來。
日本藝術家 - 宮城勝規 (Katsunori MIYAGI) 則是擅長表達動物的主題,作品的顏色運用及線條鮮艷又簡潔。在日本傳統民間故事或軼聞趣事所影響下,畫中主角多數是擬人化,具有人類、小孩形體的特別怪獸,或是一些長了耳朵又長角等天馬行空的奇幻動物,有著孩童般的想像力。簡單、趣味的藝術風格,卻能喚醒每個人心中的小孩,憶起童年的美好、純真。宮城勝規希望能藉由他的藝術作品,幫助現代人重新「看見」這些看似為不足道、卻不容忽視生活中微小卻真誠的美。
泰國藝術家安恰娜‧恰麗亞琵朋 (Anchana Chareeapaorn) 作品風格則是用色大膽、活潑且筆調輕快。因從小就飼養貓狗,她很擅長捕捉動物生動、趣味的表情和動作,讓觀賞者都會心一笑、心有戚戚焉。趕快來多納藝術,一同體會可愛狗狗、貓貓的藝術魅力吧!!

Since the real estate market rising outrageously and below standard salary quality, in Taiwan, people barely gets married due to the enormous housing prices, which resulting to the lowest birth rate in the world currently. Thus young generation couldn’t afford raising children. Instead, they keep the adorable, therapeutic but eco-spending pets as an alternative. According to the statistics, there are up to 1.78 million of domestic dogs and 730 thousands of domestic cats in registered in Taiwan. Pets are now considered as a family member and thus when it comes to pet show, and as a result, it is always crowded as people want to bring their pets to the show.
Donna Art & Consulting is pleased to present “Fluffy ---- Pet Contemporary Art Show”, demonstrating the ingenuous paintings with delightful warm colours and soft knitting sculptures, to explore the emotional attachment between human being and pets in the modern world. Featuring 5 artists, 3 Taiwanese, 1 Japanese and 1 Thai artists exhibiting more than 80 interesting pieces of lovely pets in oil and acrylic paintings and in diverse cute knitting sculptures.
Taiwanese artist WU I-Chien was graduated from National Taiwan Normal University Department of Fine Arts, later acquired her master degree from Pratt Institute Department of Computer Graphics in New York, now fully as a professional artist. She’s good at clean abstract style, also showing humorous sense through lovely illustrational drawing. WU’s works are often piled up layers by layers of paints, adding levels to the surfaces to build the deep images into spiritual level.
TSAI Yi-Ju’s aesthetic idea is based on traditional style of Chinese ink painting that depicts sceneries or natural landscapes. He not only maintains the classic ink painting techniques as wrinkling, brushing, dotting and shading, but also combines the occidental contemporary art styling with conceptual enquiry, herein senses some various points of view and representative a strong personality different from original Chinese painting. Along with Tsai’s active but sharp linear, develops his own abstract and spectacular signatures of art.
The knitting artist CHANG Li-Chen creates with cotton, linen and some soft material as media; subjects with vintage items or natural elements such as driftwood, stone and ceramics. Chang reckons that, her attitude of art is assembling as a petite animal, playful with a bit rigorous. By personification, she reflects herself to works and makes them come alive.
Japanese Artist Katsunori MIYAGI is adequate for drawing animals with bright and simple appliance. In fact, the characters he invented are bizarre creatures with children’s figure, or imaginative style with long ears and horns that influenced by Japanese traditional folktales and anecdotes. Reading is the sources of his inspiration, expecting to deliver the wonderland from the book to impact modern society by his abundant imagination about “the beautiful things.” MIYAGI wishes to help people “to see” these invisible beauty through his artworks.
Thai artist Anchana Chareeapaorn lives with pets since childhood. She is very good at capturing an animal’s funny action, facial expression vividly, with high contrast hues and delighted style. It makes all the audience senses exact the same and remind them their own pets too. You are welcome to join us and immerse into the charisma of lovely pets!!