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    日期:2018-11-17 ~ 2018-12-06

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  • 國道上移動的風景是許多旅居異鄉遊子的共同記憶,看著窗外思索著生活的意義。那種總是在尋找某樣東西的迷惘失落和無力感,如同外面一閃而逝的景色,模糊斑駁看不清全貌。


    在相會時所見風景,也彷彿是當下自身狀態的投射: 工廠/家屋、路燈/孤蝶、飛鳥/十字架,在現實和理想的交點上充滿著衝突與拉扯。一系列名為《闇》的作品則重組了生活的片段,漫無目的氛圍裡表露出徬徨掙扎與強烈的孤獨感,而靈魂禁錮於現狀難以逃脫。



    The moving landscape on our national freeways is the collective memory of many of those who travel on these “pathways to home.” As the scenery rolls by, we tend to look out the windows of our cars, pondering on the meaning of life. The lost and powerless feelings evoked as we look for something we don't comprehend is akin to the view that flashes by, blurred and unclear.

    Lee Li-Chung delineates the meeting point of one’s journey back home to the flight of pigeons returning to their nest; the focus is in the crossroad of these journeys. A serendipitous encounter, sharing the same scenery and journey back home, stirs up warm romantic feelings in each one of us. Like guardian angels in our midst, they also symbolize the thirst for freedom and the pursuit of personal dreams held deep in our hearts.

    The scenery shared as the two meet is like a reflection of oneself: houses/ factories, street lights/ a lone butterfly, birds in flight/ a cross, full of conflicts and discord that occur at the crossroads of reality and idealism. A series of works called "Obscure" reorganize the fragments of life, revealing a struggle and a strong sense of loneliness in a purposeless atmosphere, where the soul is incapable of escaping from the status quo.

    The local pigeon racing culture is a invaluable part of Lee Li-Chung’s childhood memories. He conveys a strong sense of belonging to his hometown in his portrayal of the pigeon's habit of always returning to its nest. The fierce competition in human society is a replica of pigeon racing world, where the weak becomes the prey of the strong, with suffocating cruelty.

    Pigeons flying back to their nests remind us of the desire that we have always had since young and away from our hometown. The feeling of loneliness and nostalgia is like always on the road, so vagrant. The lights along the highway are like the twinkling stars which are guiding us home.

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