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    日期:2019-01-05 ~ 2019-04-28

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  • 本次展覽透過臺灣原創動畫、漫畫、插畫作品勾勒出懷舊的記憶,藉由不同的故事背景喚醒記憶中對過去的憧憬,憶起溫暖的童年回憶,也呈現不同創作者對於記憶中的家鄉的印象。

    Through original works of Taiwanese animation, cartoon, and illustration, the exhibition outlines nostalgic memories; with stories of different backgrounds, the exhibition reawakens the longings for the past within our memories, reconjuring warm childhood memories while also presenting different creators’ impressions of their hometowns in their memories.

    In “The Summer Temple Fair” by Zuo Hsuan, the protagonist returns to his hometown for research project, and participates for the first time in the annual temple fair of Daxi; during the fair, he constantly reminiscences his childhood. In Ruan Guang-min’s “Yong-Jiu Grocery Store,” Jung-long has left home to study in Taipei, only to return to be the keeper of the family grocery store after his grandfather has gotten ill. However, he is not just guarding the store, but also the rich emotions and sentiments within it, and Jung-long’s memories of growing up are once again reawakened by his return.

    In “Small Town, Southern Time” by 61Chi, the main character misses everything back home after leaving home to live elsewhere, and coming home is no longer stressful and burdensome, but full of sweet memories; only when we have gone elsewhere do we remember the wonderful things back home. “Tainan Traditional Market Map” selects 36 traditional markets in Tainan, and witnesses the warmth of traditional markets through the tip of illustrator Cecil Tang’s pen. In animation, “On Happiness Road” directed by Sung Hsin-yin, Chi longs for a wonderful life overseas ever since she was a child; she goes overseas and leads a wonderful life everyone would be envious of, but she loses herself in a foreign land. Through reminiscing the course of her life, she continues to explore self, and finally realizes that the ordinary is true happiness.

    “Nostalgia” reminds people of the wonderful things about home. Through each one of these stories of Taiwan, we realize that simple happiness is within our “memories” deep down inside.

    策展人: 楊惠鈞
    參展藝術家與作品 : 左萱《神之鄉》、阮光民《用九柑仔店》、61Chi《南方小鎮時光:左營‧庫倫洛夫》、湯士賢《踅菜市仔》、宋欣穎《幸福路上》



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