• 展期

    日期:2019-01-12 ~ 2019-03-18

  • 地點

    阿波羅畫廊 (台北市大安區忠孝東路四段218-6號2樓)

  • 參展藝術家


  • **農曆春節休館期間:2019年02月02日(六)-02月10日(日)**



    Rife with disparity and discontentment, the 1960s saw a wave of countercultural ideas and social movements that formed one of the most tumultuous and divisive decade in American history. In New York, towering buildings build up one after another, weaving a spectacular skyline for the burgeoning metropolis. But lurking beyond the façade, struggling in the slums of the city, are the misfits. Under the rising tensions of countercultural ideas and issues of social disparity, unemployment, and racism, they sprayed and splattered the conditions of their repression on street walls, an act of accusation against the city itself. The rise of such art emerged as an unique culture of New York in the 1970s.

    During his time in New York, Tzen Si-Eur was deeply moved by the street arts of Brooklyn and Manhattan. When the city government decided to begin demolishing old buildings, Tzen Si-Eur was reluctant to see the lost of street art and began from 2009-2010 a series of some 80 oil paintings of street artists. From his brush flows the documentation and imagination of the arts in these buildings: a centaur, a hip hop dancer, a man bursting in flames, and various conceptions on the possibility of the human body. These enhances the dramatic elements of the work, as well as present the artist’s impression of the city. This will be the fourth exhibition from Tzen Si-Eur with Apollo Art Gallery, focusing on is street artist series. We welcome viewers to the gallery and experience briefly, a step onto the streets of New York City.



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