【2019 Art Central 群聚之外徐睿甫、林世雍、耿傑生聯展】2019 Art Central Beyond the Crowd: Hsu Ruifu (Taiwan, 1978) ,Lin Shihyung (Taiwan, 1982), Keng Chiehsheng (Taiwan, 1989).

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    日期:2019-03-26 ~ 2019-03-31

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    港中環海濱活動空間ART CENTRAL Central Harbourfront Event Space

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  • 2019 Art Central
    Beyond the Crowd: Hsu Ruifu (Taiwan, 1978) ,Lin Shihyung (Taiwan, 1982), Keng Chiehsheng (Taiwan, 1989).
    已連續三年參加Art Central 的大象藝術空間館,今年將推出三位台灣青年藝術家聯展,分別為:徐睿甫 (1978)、林世雍 (1982)、耿傑生 (1989),以「群聚之外」為展覽主軸,在各自生存狀態下,對於社會或家族的群聚關係中,以時間和場域的感受裡,試圖拉出自己相對應的位置、角色,如何回應與反饋現有的機制,正是這三位藝術家共同思索的議題。
    曾於2016 Art Central展出的 徐睿甫,將呈現全新油彩作品,擅長以微觀方式閱讀生物的姿態,在物態寫實之外,抽象依然內斂絕對,他將萬物本質一點又一點地推演出來,為了表現生命力的湧動,透過綿密至極的筆觸與堆疊來做為消化與認同的儀式,當一個物種的生命終結時,往往就是另一個物種生命的起源,萬物枯榮自有其循環與秩序。
    首次於香港亮相的 林世雍,其香蕉人視覺已成為他獨有的語彙,作品在歐美國家展出時受到許多注目,此次發表的作品,以更隱晦、暗喻的方式,拼湊出家族歷史的碎片與記憶,以懸疑感及敘述性的論述展開,「自我索取」以及「家族給予」成為他平衡自身存在的依據,也是追問自我身份的依歸。
    同樣對於「合群狀態」有著質疑的 耿傑生,其雕塑作品《合群系列2.0和聲》,將以不同尺寸的球體擺放,在場域中形成多樣的群體結構,在搖晃的動態下,圓球將偏離原本的位置,使得人與人之間的距離不再絕對,聚散只是一時。而作品的聲音裝置則提供了環境意象,但卻無法辨識聲音背後的訊息內容,增加閱讀作品的開放性,也企圖讓觀者重新思考群聚關係。

    今年已是第12個年頭的大象藝術,將持續在2019年的Art Central舞台上,展演旗下潛力藝術家,透過他們的觀察、思維,拋出人之於現今社會狀態的存在議題。

    Beyond the crowd: Hsu Ruifu (Taiwan, 1978), Lin Shihyung (Taiwan, 1982), Keng Chiehsheng (Taiwan, 1989).
    Three consecutive years of participation in Art Central, Da Xiang Art Space will launch a group exhibition by three young Taiwanese artists: Hsu Ruifu (Taiwan, 1978), Lin Shihyung (Taiwan, 1982), Keng Chiehsheng (Taiwan, 1989).
    Taking "Beyond the crowd" as the theme of the exhibition, in their own existence state, trying to point out their corresponding position and role through the relationship with the society and family or through the feeling of time and the field. How to respond to the existing mechanism is exactly what these three artists are thinking about.

    Hsu Ruifu has exhibited at Art Central 2016, this time will present a new oil painting which is good at observing the creature in a microscopic way. The fact is reflected in his works which look abstract, yet quiet and reserved, apart from realistic. Though a process of repeated piling-up of shape, he deduces the essence of all things little by little with a great emotional burst-out. The end of one species is the beginning of another. Life flourishes and withers, following given cycles and orders.

    Lin Shihyung, who first appeared in Hong Kong, his banana vision code has become his unique vocabulary. His works have attracted a lot of attention when he exhibited in Europe and the United States. The published works this time, in a way of more concealed and metaphorical to scrabble up the fragments and memories of family history with suspense and narrative discourse, "Self-demand" and "family provision" become the balance for him to exist and also the basis for self-identity.

    Keng Chiehsheng has the similarly suspect of the “Harmony Status”, whose sculpture work " Fit In Series 2.0 Harmony ", spheres of different sizes form into diverse group relationship while being set up. The balls roll away from their original positions, changing the distance between one and another, being together or parting are both only temporary. The sound provides imagery of the environment, however, no specific narrative can be recognized behind it, and by that, it explores the openness of reading and aims to trigger audience to rethink about what the status of fitting it is.

    Established for ten years history, Da Xiang Art Space will continue to perform on the stage of upcoming Art Central 2019, featuring its potential artists through their observations and thinking, throwing around the new existing issues in today's social state.

    ART CENTRAL 2019
    Beyond the Crowd: HSU Ruifu, LIN Shihyung and KENG Chiehsheng Group Exhibition
    VIP :2019.03.26 PM14:00-17:00
    BOOTH :B07
    VENUE:香港中環海濱活動空間ART CENTRAL Central Harbourfront Event Space

2019 Art Central Hsu RuifuLin ShihyungKeng Chiehsheng


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