【圍繞 Revolve Around】曾嬿圩個人展覽

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    日期:2019-04-06 ~ 2019-05-12

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  • 依據字典解釋,圍:布料單位、包捆;繞:依圈子走、糾纏彎曲。 [圍繞] 是一種工作場景,尤其是藝術家的雙手動作;這是藝術家近期發展出特有的創作手法,它結合紡織與雕塑的藝術表現。利用細細的縫紉線,形塑不同材質的舊衣物,創造人形與環形的立體表現。在物件情緒的氛圍中,暗示人類社會與自然環境之間的相互關係。

    According to the Chinese dictionary, Revolve means a curved movement with a fixed central point, and Around means a surround with the measure of fabrics. REVOLVE AROUND presents the working moment, especially the wrapping gesture of the artist's hands. It is the unique method of art practice, what connects textile art and sculpture together. The works are wrapping from old garments of different textures by thin sewing threads. To show three-dimensional shapes of figures and rings as the emotional objects, behind the interrelationship between human society and natural environment.

    Yen-Yu, Tseng creates artworks from old clothes or waste textile. They stem from a spontaneous and casual practice of deconstruction and re-assemblage. The artworks are created in a process conducted with a rare intuition, giving life and proposing a new sense to things in the world. So artworks also carried out collective and personal stories from materials' history. Experimenting intuitively with shape and form, I create expressive and amorphous pieces. Through wrapping, folding, twisting, rolling or sewing, fabrics blend and take on organic shapes. According to the space and the light in site-situ, an art installation is a best way for the exhibition.

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