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【97KG 飛毯】徐瑞謙個展

  • 展期

    日期:2019-04-27 ~ 2019-07-01

  • 地點

    104 臺北市 中山區 新生北路三段82號B1

  • 97KG 飛毯 —— 徐瑞謙個展
    97KG-magic-carpet —— Hsu, Jui Chien Solo Exhibition

    >展期 Date|
    >座談會Discussion |
    2019/05/04(Sat.) 16:00
    >與談人 Talking With |
    何采柔 Joyce Ho(藝術家/Artist)、
    Joan pomero(台藝大雕塑系助理教授/Assistant Professor of NTUA's Department of Sculpture)








    Exhibition introduction |

    Flying, after rising, cannot fathom clearly, cannot feel the weight clearly. After the strong strength, depart for a distance lightly. Slightly, partly. Opened, propped.

    Providing multiple clues, exploring in each different point.
    Transforming the perspective, and the cognitive of material.
    It can be misunderstood, but not the puzzle has to be solved.

    Keep distance.48 centimeters cutting, 35 centimeters multiplied 4 hammering. Squeezing the spring in a 2 millimeters’ gap.

    Doing, I have been doing on the objects. I left but still connect with them. The moment departed from the ground.
    Fluctuation, descent, pushing forward in different directions.Unwilling, anxious. Missing why.

    Continue to touch the mass; therefore, there is the least bit of difference.

    Close to the window,
    touch the glass by fingers,
    pick up the soft curtain.
    When tilt constructs balance,
    sign, facing.

    Found the statue between actions, materials, spaces.
    Summoning from patchwork.



    1994出生苗栗,目前創作於臺灣 臺北


    2016 國立臺灣藝術大學雕塑學系 學士
    國立臺灣藝術大學雕塑學系 研究所(在學)



    2018 「共振」,槩藝術,臺北,臺灣
    2016 「物質與身體行為-徐瑞謙金屬創作展」,麗寶文化藝術基金會,新北,臺灣
    2016 「靜態遊走」,臺灣藝術大學雕塑系實驗展場,新北,臺灣
    2015 「對話」,臺灣藝術大學雕塑系實驗展場,新北,臺灣


    2018 「造山」,真善美畫廊,臺北,臺灣
    2018 「人因風景」,有章藝術博物館,新北,臺灣
    2017 「空氣草-當代藝術中的展演力」,有章藝術博物館,新北,臺灣
    2016 「北海岸藝術祭」,老梅國小,新北,臺灣
    2016 「西螺當代藝術季」,西螺老街,雲林,臺灣
    2016 「身-創作聯展」,九單藝術空間,新北,臺灣
    2016 「雲 想 藝 金屬創作聯展」,雲清藝術中心,臺北,臺灣
    2015 「雲端集銳 金屬創作聯展」,青雲畫廊,臺北,臺灣


    2019 高雄獎(空間性藝術) 優選
    2019 臺南新藝獎
    2018 集思廣藝當代藝術賞 優選
    2018 第六屆明天雕塑獎(中國) 入圍
    2017 世安美學 造型藝術類
    2017 臺灣美術新貌獎 入選
    2017 第十五屆桃源創作獎 入選
    2015 西螺金屬創作營

    About artist |


    Born in Miaoli. Work in Taipei, Taiwan.

    We feel the world with our bodies and senses. Only creation can make the answer to the curiosity of the materials after the impact and actions. The spirit of the materials itself and the influence between the circulation are directly intimacy. It seems like they are waking the unknown consciousness or exploring the ambiguous contradiction.

    Solo exhibition |

    2018 “Resonance”, Gaia, Taipei, Taiwan
    2016 “Substance & Body Action Art Hsu Jui Chien solo exhibition ”, Li Bao Culture and Arts Foundation, New Taipei, Taiwan
    2016 “Pause>>>Move”, National Taiwan University of the Arts, Department of Sculpture Experimental Exhibition hall, New Taipei, Taiwan
    2015 “Dialogue”, National Taiwan University of the Arts, Department of Sculpture Experimental Exhibition hall, New Taipei, Taiwan

    Group exhibition |

    2018 “Orogeny”, Kalos Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
    2018 “Artificial Scenes”, Yo-chang Art Museum, New Taipei, Taiwan
    2017 “Air Plant: Performance Ability within Contemporary Art”, Yo-chang Art Museum, New Taipei, Taiwan
    2016 “North Coast Art Field 2016”, Lao Mei Elementary School, New Taipei, Taiwan
    2016 “Xi Lo Contemporary Art Festival ”, Xi Lo Old Street, Yunlin, Taiwan
    2016 “Torso” group exhibition, Nine-Single Rooms Art Space, New Taipei, Taiwan
    2016 “Up and comes in the clouds group exhibition”, Elsa Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
    2015 “Up and Comers in Clouds group exhibition”, Cloud Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

    Awards |

    2019 Kaohsiung Award (Spatial Art) quality award
    2019 Next Art Tainan
    2018 TDCC Brainstorming Contemporary Arts Award quality award
    2018 Tomorrow sculpture Awards (China)
    2017 SANCF Plastic Arts
    2017 The 2017 Taiwan Emerging Art Awards Honorable Mention
    2017 The 15th Taoyuan Contemporary Art Award Honorable Mention
    2015 Xi Lo Metal Creation Camp

97KG 飛毯徐瑞謙


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