【手擺腳動 - Gestures】Mark Nilsson Solo Exhibition 馬克 ‧ 尼爾森創作個展

  • 展期

    日期:2019-06-01 ~ 2019-07-31

  • 地點

    台北市承德路七段286號B1 (S7美術館)

  • Mark Nilsson earned a BFA at the State University of New York, Purchase College in 2010. In
    2011 he received a New York Foundation for the Arts grant for two artist residencies in Europe. In 2012, Nilsson returned to the United States and began painting portraits on west 53rd street, near The Museum of Modern Art. A 2012 New York Times article, Mark Nilsson, the starving Artist Outside MoMA’s Doors, featured his project. Since 2014, he has traveled and painted extensively in Europe and Asia. He speaks and writes Chinese, and currently splits his time between New York and Taiwan. The Journal of Wild Culture published an article about Nilsson in 2018, Tracking Mark Nilsson: Portrait of a Painter as a Young Man.

    馬克・尼爾森,2010年自美國紐約州立大學帕切思分校取得學士學位。2011年獲紐約基金會提供補助赴歐洲參與兩個藝術駐村計畫。2012年回到美國,開始在紐約現代美術館附近的西53街上為人畫肖像。2012年紐約時報上曾有一篇文章題為〈馬克・尼爾森: MOMA門外的飢餓藝術家〉(Mark Nilsson, the starving Artist Outside MoMA’s Doors) ,報導了他的創作計畫。自2014年起,他開始在歐洲、亞洲各地旅行作畫,自學中文說、寫,目前居住往返於紐約、台灣。2018年Wild Culture 月刊上刊登了一篇關於他的報導,題為〈追蹤馬克・尼爾森:一位年輕畫家的肖像〉(Tracking Mark Nilsson: Portrait of a Painter as a Young Man)。

    Art Statement 創作自述

    I make paintings from direct observation, mostly portraits and landscapes, using full-bodied acrylic paint with no added medium. I work rapidly with loaded brushes, one mark after another. I'm constantly active, either moving brushes around in sweeping or stabbing gestures, pushing mounds of paint on my palette to make room for more paint to be squeezed out, squatting down to clean brushes in a bucket of water, or cutting a container of paint in half to get out the last remnants. I often slam my brushes when a painting is going badly. By the end of a painting, my clothes, my palette, my hands and arms, and the ground around me will all be a complete mess.

    In Chinese, the phrase shǒubǎijiǎodòng (手擺腳動) literally means moving your hands and feet. It is also used figuratively to express searching for understanding in a foreign language. I think the act of making a painting has a lot in common with 手擺腳動.



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