【愛的禮讚】陳家榮個展@The one中山概念店

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    日期:2019-06-01 ~ 2019-12-29

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    台北市中山區中山北路二段30號 (The one中山概念店)

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  • 愛的禮讚-陳家榮個展@The one中山概念店

    「作為一位醫生,我希望對病人的生命能有一些控制;做為一位畫家,我要成就“永恆”」── 陳家榮


    陳家榮於2015年9月逝世,享年七十五歲。生前一面替人開刀,一面完成繪畫創作。這次阿波羅畫廊 X The one中山共同策畫的“愛的禮讚-陳家榮個展”,共展出13幅作品,媒材橫跨了水彩、粉彩,以及油彩。展出的作品《紅色中提琴》、《少女系列》可看出作為一位畫家的'他「奔放獨特」,《誕生》、《母與子系列-餵奶》讓身為一位父親他「溫暖如春」,《情人系列-婚禮》、《情人,紐約夜景》 感受作為一位情人的他「深情款款」。陳家榮的創作總以愛為出發,繪出寬廣的生命視野,走向永恆。

    The One中山位於擁有寬闊綠蔭的中山北路旁,是一處知性與感性的複合式餐飲空間,阿波羅畫廊 X The one中山誠摯邀請您前來共享“愛的禮讚-陳家榮個展”。

    Praise of Love: Chen Jia-Rong Solo Exhibition @ The One Zhongshan

    “As a doctor, I hope to have some control over patients’ lives; as a painter, I want to achieve ‘eternity’” - Chen Jia-Rong.

    Chen Jia-Rong always uses vivid colors to paint his vision of the world and shows his love for life through art. Moreover, his creations reflect his passion for the wife, the children, and the world. The focus is on the people and things around him. He began several projects of oil paintings such as Lover, Mother and Child, Little girl, Dreams of Flowers, Taiwanese Melodies, Space, Music, New York, and Life Series (on large size canvas). The paintings feature the use of perspective and overlap drawing, classical realism, divisionism, and superrealism. Being a neurologist, Jia-Rong did not receive any formal training in arts. However, he still became president of the art club during his studies at the National Taiwan University, showing his potential as a painter.

    In September 2015, Jia-Rong passed on at the age of 75. Throughout his life, he performed surgeries as a doctor and created art as a painter. Together, Apollo Gallery and The One Zhongshan co-founded the Praise of Love: Chen Jia-Rong Solo Exhibition, which exhibited a total of 13 paintings. Additionally, they are completed by a variety of mediums such as watercolor, pastel, and oil paint. As a painter, Jia-Rong’s Red Viola, and Girls Series represent his unrestrained uniqueness. As a father, Birth, and Mother and Child Series: Breast Feeding, builds up his warmth and caring character like the season of spring. Lastly, as a lover, Lover Series: Wedding, and Lover, New York Night Scene creates a sincere and affectionate charisma towards others. Overall, Chen Jia-Rong’s creations always began with love. He projected a broad vision of life and has journeyed into eternity.

    Located on the side of Zhongshan North Road, The One Zhongshan is a combination of intellectual and emotional dining space. Apollo Gallery and The One Zhongshan sincerely invites everyone to attend the Praise of Love: Chen Jia-Rong Solo Exhibition.

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