【猴鶴雙形】KUNG FU

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    日期:2019-10-22 ~ 2019-11-12

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  • 台灣猴鶴雙形拳 (陳明崙系統) 屬於軟肢內家拳法,在台灣已擁有150多年的歷史,以靜柔、慢功為鍛鍊的課程設計,特別強調呼吸、手腳三人同行的鍛鍊,身法為主,腳馬靈活、手肢柔軟,動作自然不扭捏造作。鍛鍊後不喘、不累、會流汗是本門猴鶴拳法的特色!其蘊含著靜懿、柔弱的禪武精神,自然樸實的拳法能健身、防身更能終生陶冶性情。挖掘猴鶴雙形拳法的過程中強者會產生同理心弱者會生出自信心的互助行為無價,歡迎您報名參加。

    Taiwan’s Monkey & Crane Double Form Chuan technique (system by Chen Ming-Lun ) belongs to the soft limb internal martial arts system. In Taiwan, this technique already holds more than 150 years of history. Using quiet, gentle and slow motions for the design of its training courses, this technique places special emphasis on three simultaneous elements of motion: breath, hands, and feet. With a focus on physical poses and motions, it causes people’s feet to become more lively, hands and limbs to be more flexible, and motions to be more natural and smooth. After training, one will not feel out of breath or exhausted. However, sweating is part of the special characteristic of Monkey & Crane Double Form Chuan technique. Containing a restrained, gentle, and Zen-like spirit, the natural and simple martial arts improves fitness and teaches self-defense, helping cultivate a temperament for life. When learning the secrets of the Monkey & Crane Double Form Chuan technique, the strong will develop a sense of empathy, while the weak will find a greater level of self-confidence. We welcome you to come sign up.


    猴鶴氣功|水肢| 腳馬|搖肢聽力對練


    時間:10/22、10/29、11/5、11/12 上午 09:00~10:30

    地點:台北國際藝術村 三樓舞蹈室







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