【流轉生息 - 蔡宛錦個展】Infinite Ephemera in Life - Wan Jin Tsai Solo Exhibition

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    日期:2019-07-07 ~ 2019-10-06

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  • 當今的世界科技日新月異,人類的文明經歷科學、思想、物質與非物質的革新與劃時代的發現和發明,人的外在環境與內心世界也隨之趨於複雜難解。人與身體的關係隨著時代與科技的變遷及發展愈發的緊密卻又同時疏離,自我與他人在全球化消費結構下迷失於彼此身分認同的撕裂與混同,在無窮的慾望與焦慮下分裂崩解或增生延展,身體與心靈及世界的疆界變得模糊難辨。身體不再只是生物有機的肉體,而是確定與不確定、平凡與特異、穩定與流動的物質與非物質的載體。



    Science and technology are changing rapidly every day in today’s world. Human civilizations have experienced scientific, ideological, material, and immaterial innovations, as well as epoch-making discoveries and inventions. Followed by the external environment, the internal world of human beings also tends to be complicated and difficult to understand. With the change and evolution of times and technologies, the relationships and development between men and their bodies has become more and more close, and yet alienating at the same time. Under the global structure of consumption, people have lost themselves within others, in the tearing and confusing of each other’s identity, either splitting disintegration or proliferating under endless desires and anxiety. The boundaries between the body, the mind, and the world become blurred and difficult to distinguish. The body is no longer just a biologically organic piece of flesh, but a vessel of material and non-material which determines uncertainty, triviality, specificity, stability, and flow.

    Psychology, philosophy, and modern physics have opened up the dialectic and vision of the interaction between physical material and abstract thinking. The simple explicit image or behavior is not enough to explain or reflect the complex psychological structure of contemporary human beings and the emotional phenomena caused by them. Therefore, artist Wan-Jin Tsai disintegrates and reorganizes the human body, re-structuring symbolic images by combining various elements and backgrounds with meanings to create the visual image form called “Mutation-Conjoined Figure.” Within the mutation-conjoined figure form, Tsai attempts to demonstrate what Paul Klee once said: “It is not to make visible things appear, but to make something visible.”Hence, the message and spirit behind the event and the representation of things is transformed from the concept of abstraction to the presentation of visualization in her art.

    Wan-Jin Tsai hopes that through such visual image form, the audience can transcend their old sensory perceptions, cognitive modality, and viewing angle of body and space in an attempt to induce the viewer to explore not only the outside representational world, but also to visit the unknown invisible spiritual realm inside. Moreover, viewers can think about the meaning and essence of existence: the relationship between themselves and the environments.



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