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    日期:2020-02-22 ~ 2020-03-28

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  • 月光投射的陰影,光線透過門口的縫隙滲入,蒸氣痕跡與遠方的空氣在包裹內送到你家…

    繼2015年首次於台灣個展後,就在藝術空間很榮幸再次邀請日本錄像藝術家澤拓做個展「Absent」,將展出數件手稿及兩件錄像新作。其中一件錄像作品是澤拓自2010年開始以失憶症為創作題材三部曲的最終章《Memoria Paralela》(2019)。「Absent」澤拓個展將於2月22日下午4點開幕。


    自2010年起,澤拓以探索健忘症的情緒和心理狀況為題,創作出名為《虛構》的三部曲和一系列小品。這系列作品源自他的好友的真實經歷:2007年夏天,朋友躺在工作沙發上小睡片刻,醒來後就失去了記憶。曾於2015年就在藝術個展展出過的首部曲《did I?》(2010),將記憶喪失描述為一種擦除的形式。而曾於台北美術館展出的第二部曲《Lineament》(2012),則描述由於記憶喪失以及它與時間的關聯,而產生從一地到另一地置換或偏移的狀態。本次個展,藝術家帶來第三部,也是最終章《Memoria Paralela》(2019),一件雙頻錄像裝置,描繪澤拓這位朋友目前的生活;值得一提的是,這是藝術家首次將文本和旁白運用到作品中,是一個重要的里程。澤拓純熟的技術和風格可以通過反覆出現的圖案、疊加的影像、精美的配樂以及在展場中展示的物件得到高度辨識。

    The moon and the shadows it casts, light seeping through the gap in a doorway, vapour trails, the air of a faraway place delivered to your house inside a parcel...
    Much of my work is about memory and the subconscious, the things I find, the things that stick in my mind, the things we imagine to fill in the gaps in our understanding.
    - Hiraki Sawa

    Following his first solo exhibition in Taiwan in 2015, Project Fulfill Art Space is pleased to present Hiraki Sawa, returning for his second solo exhibition ‘Absent’ showcasing his latest video works from his three-part project based on the concept of amnesia, including the final installment Memoria Paralela.

    Hiraki Sawa’s video works create a delicately composed dream-like landscape, where people, objects and animals drift in and out of a series of real and imagined settings, existing within their own sense of logic, inviting the viewer to embark on a poetic, psychological journey into a new state of surrealism. The 2018 video work Absent features a cast of hybrid characters that populate an uncertain narrative; spoons sprouting bird’s wings fly across a bleak landscape, a ghostly pair of scissors paces continuously in a circle, a set of teacups march across an ornate room, where the walls are slowly drifting apart. Sawa transforms the familiar into the strange, a process that reflects the intricacies of memory loss; the unexpected lapses, absences, overlaps, and reinterpretations of memory and reality.

    For the past decade Sawa has been working on a trilogy as well as a collection of shorter studies exploring the emotional and psychological landscape of amnesia, entitled Figment. The series is based on the experience of his close friend, who in the summer of 2007, lay down for a short nap on the couch of his workplace, and when he woke up, he had lost his memory. In 2015 Project Fulfill Art Space exhibited the first work of the trilogy did I? (2010), which portrayed memory loss as a form of erasure, while the second work Lineament (2012) previously exhibited at Taipei Fine Arts Museum, describes the replacement or offsetting from one place to another through memory loss, and its connection to time. For this exhibition we present the third and final work of the trilogy, Memoria Paralela (2019), a 2-channel video installation portraying Sawa’s friend’s current life; and is his first significant work exploring the use of text and narration. Sawa’s highly developed technique and style can be recognized through his use of reoccurring motifs, superimposed imagery, delicate soundtrack, as well as the inclusion of objects in the exhibition space.



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