一輩子的旅程 – 蘭花,橘子與菊花. { A LIFE TIME JOURNEY }

尺寸:76.2x102 cm






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  • 林昕 / HSIN LIN

    一輩子的旅程 – 蘭花,橘子與菊花.

    A LIFE TIME JOURNEY - Orchids, Oranges And Chrysanthemums



    裝裱:不含框/ 澳洲空運回台 ,約兩周可抵達





    有興趣的藏家, 在我的YouTube 頻道可以觀看從開始到完工耗時數月的作畫過程-



    一輩子的旅程– 蘭花,橘子與菊花-


    這幅畫是我構思很久的一幅,同時也有一個系列.都是以一輩子為開頭命名. 在古希臘,來自異國蘭花代表生命力/生殖力.紅色與橘色的菊花在西方代表深深的熱情與愛,也常常用於母親節的贈花.粉色玫瑰是象徵感謝,欣賞.

    畫面左邊渾圓的橘子代表福氣,圓滿以及生命裡我們期望的豐盛. 巨大的蘭花-東方的花卉,其實就是我本身的投射.畫面中粉膚色巨大的蘭花盛開並擺放在一片綠葉前,中間有著外型纖長,具澳洲代表性的尤加利樹葉上-代表在生活在不同環境的東方人,在各自的領域上無所畏懼努力的綻放.

    本作品在 2019時在墨爾本獲得第一個獎項,於2020獲得第二個獎項. 原畫已在2020年獲藏,限量版畫至今發行量已逾1/3.版畫藏家目前分布於澳洲,台灣,德國,美國,瑞士,越南與英國. 歡迎與之有緣份的藏家收藏.

    {更新}本作品於墨爾本維州州長辦公室展出 (Victorian Government Solicitor's Office) ,展期為期四個月.


    List of Awards-

    1. Mar 2020 - Highly Commended in The Victorian Artists Society George Hicks Foundation Contemporary Exhibition.

    2. April 2019 - 2nd Prize in Acrylic in Annual Exhibition Oil/Acrylic, Pastel & Watercolour at The Hut Gallery.



    旅澳得獎畫家HSIN LIN /林昕. 主攻當代花卉靜物.




    *This artwork -A LIFE TIME JOURNEY - Orchids, Oranges And Chrysanthemums - had won two prizes. *

    List of Awards-

    1. Mar 2020 - Highly Commended in The Victorian Artists Society George Hicks Foundation Contemporary Exhibition.

    2. April 2019 - 2nd Prize in Acrylic in Annual Exhibition Oil/Acrylic, Pastel & Watercolour at The Hut Gallery. -Please see below for the Judges Comments.



    - Orchids, Oranges And Chrysanthemums -


    Artist Acrylic on Artist quality triple primed gesso /Acid free canvas.

    Sealed with clear spray varnish.

    Sign at front, sides painted black and ready to hang .

    D-rings and wire attached at the back.

    Comes with certificate of authenticity.

    101.6*76.2*1.5 cm


    A latest piece in my signature series -Bloom like flowers 2019.


    Affirmation- Stay humbled when you soar, be courageous when you go through the low point.


    I would also like to share the concept behind this piece and the title I have for this artwork if you have a bit of time.

    It was 4 years ago when I picked up my paint brushes again after many years away from art.

    I was going through a all time low in life at that moment, came across difficulties that I wasn't able to deal with by myself.


    Nature was the only thing bring me strength and helped me get back on my feet.

    I enjoyed observing different kind of flowers, Australia native plants and trees.

    To ground myself, I started express my feelings by painting those objects that I was obsessed with.


    I started with some small project at the beginning, gaining enormous joy and peacefulness from the process.

    Then I stared to work on more detailed and bigger project, at the same time, focusing on developing my own skills and style, which is a challenge that I set for myself from time to time, and a challenge I enjoyed with no doubt.


    Being inspired by nature enlighten me in all aspects of life.

    All the message that I wanted to deliver to the viewer are the pure joy and calmness that I experienced during my art process- the nature order. 


    Gradually, Art is no longer a one man journey to me when I started to get lovely feed backs from collectors round the worlds, sharing their joyful experience and inspirations from my paintings.

    I am very grateful and beyond humbled that I have the love and support from my collectors since I started.

    What is even better is I get to know a little bit more about how the artwork plays a important role in their life.


    Now , I am happy to say Art is a life time journey to me, no matter how the life winds blows, we have art.


    In this particular painting, the delicate, exotic and graceful orchid represents love, luxury, beauty and strength.

    In ancient Greece, orchids were associated with virility.

    Red chrysanthemums symbolise deep passion and optimism.

    Pink roses are symbolic of gratitude and appreciation.

    The Orange in perfect round shape surrounded by giant Orchids stands for harmony and abundance in life.

    The flowers bloom gloriously along with my favourite gum tree leaves at the background.

    It is a reminding to ourselves that we can live the only life we have right here right now, like the flowers bloom with passion; however, you can also relax a bit, looking up the blue sky when you need time to breath.

    (Which is also the reason why I used the undertone - Sky Blue- for this artwork.)


    For people who read through the description and stopping by this painting of mine, thank you for joining me on a life time journey, I sincerely hope you enjoy this piece.


    -Bloom like flowers -

    In this signature series of mine, flowers as the object represent life itself to me.

    Our own will to be alive, and the way we want to be alive.

    While I carefully paint these tiny flower petals, or built up those fine leaves vines , it is like the way we try to figure out those uncertainty, furthermore, to be able to be closer to the truth a little bit more.

    To browse the other pieces in this series ,welcome to check out my profile for other listings.


    This artwork is inspired by my visiting to Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show on 2018.


    Enjoy the time lapse video of this artwork welcome to visit the link below :



    Award - 2nd Prize in Acrylic

    Judges Comments:

    {Exquisite detail to create an artwork that can be equally enjoyed closed up and from a distance.} -Judged by Stephen Glover.


    30th March – 28th April 2019 Annual Exhibition Oil/Acrylic, Pastel & Watercolour at The Hut Gallery.

    3rd -26th May 2019 Streeton Roberts McCubbin Awards Exhibition @ Sherbrooke Gallery

    29th June - 7th July Camberwell Art Show 2019, Swinburne University Advanced Technologies Centre

    1st - 28th September 2019 - Bloom Like Flowers Solo Exhibition by HSIN LIN, Knox Immerse by Knox city council , Upper Ferntree Gully , Melbourne

    10 Feb – 2 March 2020 -Artist of The Month -HSIN LIN, Riot Art Knox Westfield

    6 – 23 Mar 2020 -The Victorian Artists Society - George Hicks Foundation Contemporary Exhibition

    Subject:靜物 線條 色塊  花草 

    Style:新表現 裝飾 寫實 具象 葉子 天空 


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