尚畫廊:【義藝.藝意】 義大利及留義台灣藝術家聯展


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《義藝.藝意》展覽現場。(記者 方筠爾/編輯)


  • Date:05.25 Sat - 08.08 Thu
    開幕0pening:03:00pm, 06.01

    地址 | 台北市大安區建國南路一段304巷55號
    開放時間 | 週二至週六 11:00 - 19:00
    聯絡方式 | T : +886-2-2325-7733

    Location | Gallery Sun
    Address | No. 55, Lane 304, Jianguo South Road Section 1, Taipei
    Opening Hours | Tue - Sat 11:00 - 19:00
    Contact | T : +886-2-2325-7733

  • 義大利自古以來一直為歷史、文化和藝術的中心。尚畫廊此次集結參與過威尼斯雙年展的義大利藝術家,及在義大利學藝歸國的藝術家,老中青三代藝術家共九位,同時於台北與高雄兩地展出,呈現義大利文化開枝散葉的繁華。展覽期間透過音樂、藝術欣賞等活動,邀請藝友親近畫廊經營義大利當代藝術多年的成果。

    Gallery Sun presents the group exhibition,
    ItaliaNove - L’arte italiana a Taiwan, from 25 May to 8 August. The founder of the gallery, Sunny H. Chou has taken up the role of curators and invited nine important contemporary artists both in Italy and Taiwan assembly exhibited in Taipei and Kaohsiung at the same time.

    The exhibition aims at presenting the rich prosperity of the Italian culture, throughout the three generations of artists, many of them have been invited to participate in the Venice Biennale.

    The opening reception will be hold on June 1 03:00pm at Gallery Sun, we are pleased to welcome you to join us and to share with us your perspectives of art.

    Marco Nereo Rotelli 馬可.羅泰利 1955-
    Emanuele di Reggi 艾曼紐.瑞奇 1957-
    Kuo-Jung CHANG 張國榮 1964-
    Riccardo Ricci ⾥卡多.李奇1970-
    Aron Demetz 艾倫.德梅茲 1972-
    Bing Wen 溫岳彬1973-
    Leo Shun-Jen Tsai 蔡舜任 1978-
    Marco Scarpelli 馬可.史卡佩利 1986-
    Robert Pan 羅伯特.潘 1969-

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