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Gene Paul Martin,《Mystic Deta Bender|神秘資料狂歡》,122.5 x 207.7 cm ,Oil on Canvas 油料於畫布,2019。(記者 方筠爾/編輯)


  • 展期 | 7月6日 - 7月31日
    開幕 | 7月6日 週六 15:30

    Duration| July 6 - July 31
    Opening Reception| July 6 (SAT) 15:30

  • ▎基恩・保羅・馬汀:你創造它?它創造自己?
    ▎Gene Paul Martin: Do You Do It? Or Does It Do You?



    The popular Filipino artist, Gene Paul Martin, was born in Manila in 1989. He has a unique perspective of young artists, with bold and rich color and unscrupulous visual content, injecting a vitality into the flat paintings that contemporary art is considered to be slightly boring, achieving a unique style. The universally defined visual effect is a frustrating product for Martin, who appears around us every day, but only creates static noise. Through Martin's work, let us leave the original logical framework. This is an unpredictable but enjoyable change that comfortably breaks the barriers of common aesthetic definition. His work revolves around his reflection on the overall environment, analyzing and recreating it in a third-person perspective.

    Martin has provided us with an opportunity to glimpse in the world he has watched. He believes that there is ubiquity, beginning and ending, entering and leaving, and a never-ending cycle. This exhibition attempts to open a door in the real world and Martin's world through different painting practice expression systems. Nearly breaking the frame of common sense, the unreasonable and indistinguishable figurative objects are mixed with sharp and abrupt geometric images, shaping the unpredictable summoning and improvisation of unknown things.


路由藝術Gene Paul Martin


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