Hiro Hiro Art Space :《表面、真實之離散》展出佐藤誠高獨特的二重式繪畫


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Hiro Hiro Art Space 展出藝術家佐藤誠高創作個展《表面、真實之離散》。(記者 方筠爾/編輯)


  • 展覽日期|2019.10.5 - 12.29 11:00~19:30
    開放時間|二~日 11:00~19:30

  • Hiro Hiro Art Space將自2019年10月05日(六)至2019年12月29日(日)期間展出《佐藤誠高個展 - 表面、真實之離散 Naritaka Satoh Solo Show - Incoherence between surface、truthfulness and reality》,並在10月05日開幕當日藝術家佐藤誠高將會蒞臨現場。敬邀各位媒體先進一同參與佐藤誠高2019年在台灣首次個展。





    佐藤誠⾼ Naritaka Satoh ,1980 年出生於日本愛知縣, 2006 年畢業於東京藝術大學設計學系, 2008 年畢業於東京藝術⼤學碩⼠學位。曾榮獲日本第8屆SICF首獎。創作主題以繪畫為主,今年特別嘗試立體作品,創作關於表面與抽象的真實情感,追求真實之外挖掘內在層面的隱藏情緒。近年來展覽遍及日本、台灣、美國等地。
    Naritaka Satoh was once praised as the surgeon of art, exceptionally skilled in the technique of transplanting objects from one to another, such as removing an adult's face and attaching it onto a baby’s body that is surrounded by scattered toys with disassembled limbs. This piece of art demonstrated his idea of a “Dualistic Perspective,” showcasing the innocence and harmlessness of an infant and at the same time, hinting towards the violent temperament all human beings are born with. He then continued this into a series of new works.

    Simply speaking, he is especially skilled in using pencils and charcoal pencils. To achieve a come-alive and realistic touch, he first uses thin strokes to accurately make out the figure. He then uses the combination of it with acrylic paint to express its abstract components by repeatedly and generously applying colors to the piece. Due to the strong contrast that forms, audiences may feel a sense of incoherence at first glance. However, as you study and look past the surface, you may, in fact, find that the chaos work in harmony, almost as if they were arranged in an orderly manner on the canvas.

    This was how Satoh felt regarding “realism”: "Growing up, I have never been exposed to comics, movies, cartoons, etc., so I am unable to imagine what a fictional world is like. Everything can only be seen through the actual situation to be able to make reasonable judgments. Therefore, instead of using imagination when I make art, I’d much rather pursue the actuality.

    However, realism on its own cannot represent the accurate and complete truthfulness.

    《Incoherence between surface, truthfulness, and reality》states that the “surface”, “reality” and “truth” are rather uncoordinated. However, between the seemingly irrelevant relationship between realism and abstract art, many inner or on-the-surface emotions seem to suggest a trail of logic. This series of work showcases how an artist attempts to reveal the duality of reality, of how some seemingly ordinary people with their rather common lives is, in fact, masking what really is underneath. People admire beautiful appearances as models may have, but at the same time, they enjoy prying into the ugly secrets of celebrities’ private lives. Humans carry the ability to conceal and hide their clutter of turmoil within themselves with an adapted mannerism and modified version of themselves. The confrontation between the two is the transition of humanity, where the artist is able to capture this instant impact in life, in which the so-called “reality” takes place.

Hiro Hiro Art Space佐藤誠高表面、真實之離散


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