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    日期:2020-06-11 ~ 2020-07-08

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  • 時至今日,網路與媒體的過度發展使得日常無時不處於事件超載的超現代性之中,生活以近乎即時傳輸的資訊錨準、連結,我們只得在不斷崩塌、重構的迷因(meme)中流竄逃亡。延遲(delay)在此召喚了一種從傳遞過程中斷裂的空間,唯有在此時的失靈之中我們方得以重新審視人與人、人與物之間的連結並重新建構,唯有在此,一切意義方能醞釀發酵。我們終究並非等待訊號的機器。
    Nowadays, the overloaded development of the networking and the media makes our daily life as an ecosystem of hyper-modernity. The real-time information continuously anchors and links our lives. We must escape from the memes of disintegration and reconstruction via the infinite loop.

    “Delay”, as a strategy, creates the breaching space from the channel of information transmission. In the apocalypse of the Subject caused by this information explosion, we are pursuing a temporary absence that includes Crash, Skipping, Glitch, and so on. The stagnation is the only way that we can lre-examine and reconstruct the interpersonal relationship and the connection between people and things. Therefore, the meaning of delay formula could be triggered. After all, we are just not machines in the standby mode.



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