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    日期:2020-07-05 ~ 2020-07-29

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    1994年出生於彰化,現就讀於國立臺北藝術大學新媒體藝術學系研究所。曾獲台北美術獎優選(2019)、世安美學獎_造型藝術類獎(2019)、桃創獎入圍(2018)、宜蘭獎優選(2017) 、金穗獎學生實驗類首獎(2016)等。



    Two periods of Time
    TSAI , Tsung-Hsun Solo Exhibition
    Duration|05 July (Sun) - 29 July (Wed),2020
    Opening Hours|Tuesday to Sunday14:00-19:00

    Venue|Thatalright Art Space
    Address|3F., No. 78, Sec. 2, Minsheng E. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104, Taiwan
    Opening|05 July, 2020 (Sun) 14:00
    Routes|Xingtian Temple Station Exit 1
    Supported by | National Culture and Arts Foundation

    ▌About exhibition

    Two periods of time, one and two, transition, gradient, repulsive, approach and arrive, depart and return, then there’s existence and extinction.
    Our habitats, gathers those who comes from various state of times, they have different imaginations of the same place, fluctuating within the divergent and disjoint consciousness, things that have changed over time, seemed like the difference between this place and the other. Two periods of time are like the different time zones on the same latitude, constantly catching up one another, approaching and shifting.
    Regarding what this place is, how it was described. In a multitude of sympathized ambience, one realizes how to indicate the specificities, the challenge of it, like how an island exists but one has no idea of how it will be described. Before the island was formed, the polarity of the two states of time exists, one being assertive, the other contrasts. It’s as if thinking one is approaching somewhere but there goes nothing, an endless loop. In my imaginary space, among the cognition and feedbacks, is filled with connections and reflections between those different periods of time.

    ▌Artists: TSAI Tsung-Hsun

    TSAI Tsung-Hsun was born in Changhua and now pursues his Master’s degree at Department of New Media Art at Taipei National University of the Arts. He has received multiple awards such as Taipei Art Award( Honorable Mention 2019)、S-An Art Award (Plastic Arts 2019)、Taoyuan Contemporary
    Art Award (Selected 2018)、 Yilan Awards (Honorable Mention 2017)、Golden Harvest Awards for Outstanding Short Films (First Award 2016).
    Tsai’s current artworks are emphasize the way of seeing in daily life. He is interested in the relationship between the viewed subjects and their viewers. Utilizing techniques such as collage, dislocation, comparison, he creates a new visual layer on top of everyday and media experiences that alter the original landscape and create optical illusions. Handheld camera images and pictures in alignment are his main way to narrate in his works.Through the relationship between images, objects, and me in life, I ponder the cognitive differences caused by distance, time, and spatial orientation, and use self as a benchmark to identify and confirm the different appearances of things.

    日期|2020年7月5日 (日) -2020年07月29日 (三)
    時間|週二至週日14:00-19:00 (週一休館)
    開幕 |2020年7月5日 (日) 14:00



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