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    日期:2020-08-07 ~ 2020-08-30

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  • 藝術家|蕭禹琦
    日期|2020年8月7日 (五) - 2020年8月30日 (日)
    時間|週二至週日14:00-19:00 (週一休館)
    地點|良日 激動所
    開幕 |2020年8月7日 (五) 19:00

    「Rolling, Flowing, Climbing 滾動,流動,攀爬」,除了是蕭禹琦作品中思緒、情感、感知的三種動態,也透過三種「動」作,推移觀眾在:作品與空間、身體與視線、自身(觀者)與他者(藝術家)的感知。蕭禹琦的創作長期思考周遭與自身的關係。從試探這個社會與觀者之間的行為影像,到2019年個展「親愛的,流動」,作品以思緒最常凝結和創作時最常待的地方-房間出發,以舊衣物編織呈現記憶、回憶和情緒,同時以行為影像內心呈現思緒的流動。2020年個展由「房間」到「房間外」,再走向房間外的日常環境。從日常的棉被山景開始,由室內向外望,思緒從內部投射到外面景象,不僅是實體空間的由內而外,也是意識空間的從概念到現實。蕭禹琦的影像將感知如滾雪球般向外開展,從個人自身的思緒出發,以作品梳理思緒的頓點,透過作品反映人類的行為樣貌。



    Rolling, Flowing, Climbing - Hsiao, Yuchi Solo Exhibition

    Artist|Hsiao, Yuchi
    Curator|Erica Yu-Wen Huang
    Duration|07 August (Fri) – 30 August (Sun), 2020
    Opening Hours|Tuesday to Sunday 14:00-19:00
    Venue|Thatalright Art Space
    Address|3F., No. 78, Sec. 2, Minsheng E. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei, Taiwan
    Opening|07 August, 2020 (Fri) 19:00

    Routes|Xingtian Temple Station Exit 1
    Supported by | National Culture and Arts Foundation, Department of Cultural Affairs
    Taipei City Government
    Special Thanks|Hong-Gah Musueum, Chew’s Culture Foundation, Bamboo Curtain Studio

    ▌About exhibition
    “Rolling, Flowing, Climbing” is the title of project, also the dynamics of thoughts,emotions, and perceptions in Yuchi Hsiao’s work. Throughout the exhibition, these three actions commence and process the visitor’s perception among the relationships of artwork and space, body and sight, oneself(viewer) and otherness(artist). From early performance video until latest solo exhibition “Dear Flowing”, Yuchi Hsiao’s creation focuses on the relationship between oneself and the surrounding. Her recent works were initialed from where she spent most of time during creation, also where her thoughts often revolve, the room. The artwork ‘Extend Over’ presents memories, stories and emotions through a knitting installation from used clothes. In parallel, her videography work conveys the flow of inner thoughts and emotions. The exhibition takes place in thatalright art space which converted from a former residential space. Started with the video ‘Duvet Landscape’, it is artist’s practice of everyday sculpture. Yuchi Hsiao’s works are presented from “the room” to “outside of the room”, also shift to daily life scenario.
    When viewers see through the window of the video, their inner thoughts will also project to their sense of the physical surrounding. The work aims to not only transmit from the inside to the outside of the physical space, but also from the concept to the reality of the conscious space. Yuchi Hsiao’s work extends one’s perception like the path of making a snowball. It starts with thoughts of oneself, organize the pause of thinking with creation, finally represents the human behavior through her works.

    ▌Artists: Yuchi Hsiao
    Yuchi Hsiao (1986) was born in Kaohsiung, graduated from Department of New Media Art, Taipei National University of the Arts. Her videography works have shown internationally in France, Bulgaria, and Macau. Now she lives and works in Taipei.
    Yuchi Hsiao’s artwork revolves the relationship between oneself and the surrounding. Through observing the traces and marks of people’s systematic life, her creation focuses on the unusual events in daily life. Her latest works were initialed from where she spent most of time during creation, the room, and project her intimate emotion and expression. She interested in people’s thinking and feeling, thoughts and behavioral reflections. She is also concerned about how to present inner behavior into the correspondent relationship between artwork and daily life, and make the work moving forward through thoughts.



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