【「即興曲」王怡婷個展 】

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    日期:2020-07-25 ~ 2020-08-01

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    展期|2020.7.25 – 8.1
    開幕|2020.7.25 15:00
    地點|海桐藝術中心(台北市哈密街75號二樓 )
    開放時間|週三至週六 14:00-20:00

    「Impromptu」 Yi-Ting Wang Solo Exhibition

    Introduction to the Exhibition

    Impromptu perceives space as various rhythmic organisms carrying objects formed by colourful flows. Thecomposition of space and objects is meant toblur the existence of rational measurement tools, making numeric weight anambiguous sense, and the seemingly regular movement is in fact a collection of multiple rhythms. The tone and expression in the space is adjusted with action tagging, the tagged objects or objects as tags then wander to their own melodies in different time dimensions, gradually composing a flowing and rhythmic narrative that depicts the difference (décalage) between time
    and space.

    Artist Profile

    Artist Yi-Ting Wang has long been an observer of energy flow and
    transformations in the natural world. These transformations are notable in shapes of natural life, artificial objects or all manner of materials. Utilization of ready-mades or natural materials is often seen in her works, applied with her signature sculpture and physical space composition, to rearrange and reconstruct the rhythmic relations between time, space, material, image, energy and trace. Sculptures are placed as medium to interfere between image and space; composition is drawing to connects spaces and forms a new space for perceptual thinking. A similar example is her work in 2018, Disembodied Posture, Yi-Ting Wang brought in a slowly withering pine tree that eventually died, simulating the impossible growth of the very dying pine, combined with light and shadow to produce the texture of physical space composition. Portray the imagination of the different postures in its life stages. Another reference artwork, Passage (2019), focused on the vines growing around a Japanese-style Dormitory. Besides marking the abandoned life/time of the building, the vines were also occupying bricks and gaps, popping up from their secret caves, forming a close yet detach inverse correlation between human intervention and vines.

    During the visible and invisible transition /translation of these two- and three- dimensions, bodies and materials, a broad idea of life philosophy is to be overserved: prolongation or termination of energy; growth or decay; existence or vanishing; virtuality or reality, every paradox is an assignment to redefine the relationship between mankind and nature, and a reminder to practice long-term interaction between the two parties.

    Duration | 7.25 – 8.1.2020 (Wen-Sat 14:00-20:00)
    Reception | 7.25 (Sat.) 3:00 p.m.
    Venue | 2F, No. 75, Hami St, Datong Dist, Taipei



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