【夢幻島 NEVERLAND】周明誼|陳代如 聯展 Chou Ming-Yi|Chen Dai-Roo Group Exhibition

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    日期:2020-08-15 ~ 2020-09-20

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    周明誼 Chou Ming-Yi、陳代如 Chen Dai-Roo

周明誼|陳代如 聯展 Chou Ming-Yi|Chen Dai-Roo Group Exhibition

展期 Date|2020 / 08 / 15 Sat. — 2020 / 09 / 20 Sun.
開幕 Opening|2020 / 08 / 15 Sat. 16pm
地點 Venue|G.Gallery(臺北市大安區信義路三段147巷15弄14號 B1 B1, No.14, Aly. 15, Ln. 147, Sec. 3, Xinyi Rd., Da'an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan)

G.Gallery 很榮幸將於 2020 年 8 月 15 日至 9 月 20 日推出「夢幻島」聯展,展出周明誼以家貓為主角之最新系列《野性防衛指南》,以及陳代如以兔子為其創作題材之《月兔》與《實驗兔》系列。繽紛絢麗的包裝,看似美麗的外觀,實際上暗示著不堪一擊的脆弱,兩位藝術家試圖透過動物/寵物之表象,揭露一個社會現象,質疑其內蘊之公然的操控與殘忍。








G.Gallery is pleased to present the group exhibition ‘NEVERLAND’, featuring two Taiwanese contemporary artist Chou Ming-Yi and Chen Dai-Roo, from 15th August to 20th September. Both artists through their creative practices and conceptual discourse to reveal the social phenomenon of feeding pets/ the animals, arguing the abuse and tolerance behind the condition, breaking the beautiful surface that we are living with.

“How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world, That has such people in it.”—— William Shakespeare, The Tempest.

‘NEVERLAND’ is an existence with beautiful images. In it maintaining the society which is ideal, uncovered, and perfect. Though, the bright side followed by the endless darkness and evil illusions. The word ‘NEVERLAND ’seems to depict the true side of this concept- it has never happened.

Humans nowadays might be not surviving in the highly competitive wild nature, with only the intelligence and agile fingers by physiological structure. To prevent dangers, humans need to develop a series of self-defense tactics. for instance, the martial arts and self-protection. These techniques activate the use of hands, legs, and limbs, enhancing the ability to respond, help themselves to reinforce their lack in physic, and save lives.

‘Self-Protection Guidebook For Human Beings’ is a collection describing how could human protect themselves while facing the attacks by the giant cats with the format of the guiding book. Chou makes his pet cat be the main character in the collection, transforming it into a wild creature that is the same height or higher than humans. With the pseudo-reference guide book layout. With the pseudo-reference book format, he hopes that viewers can still think about the competition between humans and other creatures after the laughter. If human beings lose the advantage of intelligence, can we still survive to this day? Chou uses his signature playful, humorous, and uncanny style works against the system. He seems left a warning to the viewers, to rethink it on and on.

‘Moon Rabbits’ and ‘Laboratory Rabbits’ collections are the model boxes with slide glass looks is containing the layers of glasses, revealing the micro world. It would be a sick declaring and occupation if we alienate the science away, and blur the boundary of the morality. She tries to break the cognition of viewing of traditional paintings. With the transparency of glass, she brings photography into the paintings, creating the 3-dimensional world in a 2-dimensional way. By wiping, smearing, and repetitive leaving the hatchings mixed, connection to the concept of fourth dimensional. She offers the viewers changing the side of seeing, which are given alive.

In the literature and myth, the rabbit is usually seen as a sacrificed character, Chen inspired by the jade rabbit from the myth to depict the conflicted attitude of the essence of living. Millions of rabbit are sent to the moon to be the objects of an experiment, which is researching and developing the drugs of living immortally. If they want to go back to the earth, the only action that they could take is dumping down from the moon.

Nature selects, the fittest survive. In evolution, human has become the most powerful creatures. We are killing a thousand kinds of other animals because of greed and residence. We overbearingly see ourselves as the paragon of animals, but only with a slightly different by other animals. After the creative imaginations, humans should reflect on their behaviors to the environment. The word 'NEVERLAND' is an irony and irritating in modern society.



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