【徐悲鴻 】華人百年巨匠系列大展

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    日期:2020-08-01 ~ 2020-10-31

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  • 自由骨氣––再生文明想像


    晶美術館策劃「徐悲鴻 - 華人百年巨匠系列」特展,A、B兩檔展期,以館藏為基礎,透過代表性的《齊奮進》、《六駿圖》,自世界的時空、歷史與文明脈絡,合力打開悲鴻筆下的藝術世界。晶美術館並邀集當代藝術家與設計師,運用REART、再創作的純熟技巧,創新「後悲鴻系列」,激活悲鴻沉睡半世紀的靈魂,重塑百年巨匠的經典魅力。

    With different tonalities – strong, light, burning, withering, and scratchy – Xu Beihong’s ink art speaks of vibrant feelings. Even with the mere use of black and white, his paintings still illustrate sadness, pleasure, anger, lust, and all the other emotions. His brushstrokes and colours are casual but they make up something more than symbols – they are philosophical, bringing out the delicacy and strength of life with each and every stroke.

    The Crystal Museum expects to bring out the modernity of Xu’s paintings, so it incorporates a more delicate practice to recreate art prints based on Xu’s original works, presenting the Crystal Beihong series and Post Beihong series with a brand-new design philosophy. Through the evolutional use of refined colours and outstanding image-developing skills, the Museum reinvigorates Xu’s spirit and produces innovative art pieces different from the conventional works.

    The Crystal Museum is delighted to present Xu Beihong – A Master of Chinese Art in A Hundred Years in two exhibitions. Most of the works are from the Museum’s collection, and the exhibitions review the context of the space-time, history, and civilisation of the world, showcasing the art world created by Xu with his iconic masterpieces, Working Hard Together and Six Galloping Horses. Xu’s spirit has rested for half a century, and the Museum now recruits contemporary artists and designers to reinvigorate his spirit through their deft skills and the new designs, representing the classic charm in the art master’s

晶美術館徐悲鴻 華人百年巨匠系列大展水墨晶悲鴻


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