【百年不時—陳漢聲個展】Chen Han Sheng: From view to landscape all at once

  • 展期

    日期:2022-05-20 ~ 2022-05-22

  • 地點

    台北世貿1館 Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1

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    陳漢聲 Chen Han Sheng

  • 2022台北當代藝術博覽會

    Artist|陳漢聲 Chen Han Sheng
    Duration|May 20–22, 2022
    VIP Preview|May 19, 2022 2PM–5PM
    Booth|S02 紅野畫廊 Powen Gallery
    Venue|台北世貿1館 Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1

    Chen Han Sheng: From view to landscape all at once

    2022年第三屆台北當代藝術博覽會,紅野畫廊Powen Gallery將於微型單元帶來藝術家陳漢聲個展「百年不時」。鄉愁與記憶中的風景,一直是陳漢聲創作所關注題材,「百年不時」是陳漢聲暌違三年繼2019年「牆隔神農」,以作品《百年不時—金煌、烏鶖、林菝仔》為名,所推出的新系列作品展。「不時」在否定式的構句裡,「時間」的意義充滿變動,「不時」有時時刻刻的意思,有著忽然、預料之外的狀態,或者,直指著「不合時」與「不適時」;「百年不時」呼應著陳漢聲從「農」出發,在面對自然環境時,那些關乎亙古一瞬的感受與遙想。



    Chen Han Sheng: From view to landscape all at once


    Duration|May 20–22, 2022
    VIP Preview|May 19, 2022 2PM–5PM
    Booth|S02 Powen Gallery
    Venue|Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1

    In the 3rd Taipei Dangdai in 2022, Powen Gallery will present the solo exhibition "From View to Landscape All at Once" by artist Chen Han Sheng. Reminiscence and scenes from memories have always been the subject focus of Chen Han Sheng's creations. Three years after creating "After the Explosion", Chen Han Sheng began a new series under the name of "From View to Landscape All at Once - Jinhuang, Black Drongo, Guava". "Time" represents the element of change, the connotation of a sudden, unexpected state, or "untimeliness". "From View to Landscape All at Once" echoes Chen Han Sheng's feelings and distant thoughts about eternity when facing the natural environment from the point of view of ‘agriculture’.

    "From View to Landscape All at Once - Jinhuang, Black Drongo, Guava" takes Jinhuang mangos and Guava flowers as the foreground protagonists, surrounded by creatures such as the black drongo, bee, the Atlas moth, and the striped albatross butterfly, embedding crops' ideal forms and realistic ecological illustration, against the backdrop of a distant view of the Kaohsiung Petrochemical Industrial Park that can be seen when taking the high-speed rail. This is the largest two-dimensional installation in Chen Han Sheng's creative career to date. Làng-phāng is a Taiwanese Hokkien term, which means to take time out, make use of fragmented time, or take a break. The “Làng-phāng Landscape” series take the window lattice as its main structure, combined with portraits of Jinhuang mangos and guava flowers. When one meets with nature through windows and folding screens, this creates a state of làng-phāng. The "Clear Offerings View" and "Fa Ying Clear Offerings" series extend into the styles of curio cabinets and religious offering trays. “Clear Offerings” refer to elegant objects for offerings, which can be described as still images with a sense of ritual in ordinary people's lives. Chen Han Sheng tried to combine traditional craftsmanship with mobile installations to present a “Six-Crop” (Jinhuang mango, guava, jujubes, nipplefruit, peach, and bergamot) theme. Chen re-examines the relationship between today's spirituality, materiality, and modernity through the childhood memories in which nipplefruit, peach, and bergamot were related to year-end worship ceremonies.

    Different from his past works, which have used scenes from memory as themes, this solo exhibition is characterized by Chen Han Sheng’s feelings of ambivalence, torn between his yearning for the ideal form of nature and efforts to accept the irreversible progress of modernization. The "From View to Landscape All at Once" exhibition treats every moment, good or bad, as a memory worthy of cherishing and preserving. It conveys the silent voices of contemporary farmers who encounter cruel realities such as disordered flowering, abnormally early fruiting, and collapsing bee populations. The exhibition also expresses his simple wish, as someone who comes from an agricultural family, for a sustainable environment through artistic creation.


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