【當。滲透影像媒體藝術節與TFest 音樂祭】

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    日期:2015-03-22 ~ 2015-04-26

  • 地點

    媒體記者會:佳佳.士林珮柏 台北市士林區福德路48 巷8 號/開幕:空場 台北市北投區北投路一段9

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  • tamtamART TAIPEI 鑑於當今國際上各國藝術節單位合作串連的趨勢,於2015 年3 月22日起舉辦為期6 週的「當。滲透影像媒體藝術節」,與東京、上海、新加坡、首爾、里昂5個城市的藝術單位交流,串連起台灣北中南10 處在地藝術單位,其中包含劇場、音樂節與當代藝術空間來展現跨領域、跨單位的活力。此次更值得一提的是,tamtamART TAIPEI 與台北當地具指標性的「T-Fest 明日音樂祭」(前野台開唱)進行合作開創台灣先例,於音樂祭裡策劃數位藝術單元,共約80 位國際策展人及藝術家共同參與。藝術節其間將由主辦單位與各國策展人帶領藝術家舉辦播映會、現場表演、座談等活動。與此同時,tamtamART 團隊更進一步的與國外藝術單位達成協議,於展演結束後,台灣單元作品將巡迴至此次共同參與展出的城市推廣,嘗試創造出更寬闊交流環境與可能。

    這次的藝術節主題從水分子的滲透現象的概念出發。Osmosis 希臘原文中的Osmos 帶有Impulse 推動力的意涵, 這力道類似刺激、促進、衝動…。(CON)TEMPORARY OSMOSIS– 可被作為當代範疇的滲透感;或短暫、暫時性的時間性滲透狀態,這層面帶出了一個關係上的依附產生感,再經由連結的時間性進一步產生刺點、同化、吸收、異化、相斥…等不同的相互推動力。在這影像、錄像媒材被極度快速生產的時代,影像語言進入畫素化、分格化、後製過度化,或許一個影格滲透下一個影格,是毒害抑或取得平衡,都是在「當。滲透影像媒體藝術節2015」以亞洲串聯影像為主的藝術節中帶給觀眾的觀感思維主題。

    媒體記者會:2015.3.26 (THU) 14:00 -
    佳佳.士林珮柏 Papersun Apartment / 111 台北市士林區福德路48 巷8 號
    +886-2-2881-7588 /

    開幕:2015.3.27 (FRI) 13:00 – 15:30
    空場Polymer / 112 台北市北投區北投路一段9 號
    表演藝術家:海星星Wen-Hsin Teng、Pacific Romance(YuJun Ye 葉育君
    X Alexis Mailles)、盧子珩 Ziheng Lu&楊政Cevo Yang、拉菲爾Rafael、
    Dennis Tan&Shark Li Fun


    (CON)TEMPORARY OSMOSIS - Audiovisual Media festival 2015 press release Celebrating the international trends of cooperation between arts festivals, tamtamART TAIPEI will host a 6-week arts festival,「(CON)TEMPORARY OSMOSIS - Audiovisual Media festival」,starting from 03/22/2015. During the festival, tamtamART will work with arts organizations from five international cities, Tokyo, Shanghai, Singapore, Seoul, and Lyon and ten local arts organizations around Taiwan, including theaters, music festivals, and contemporary arts spaces to showcase the vibrancy of cross-discipline and crossorganization. Above all, tamtamART is having an unprecedented collaboration with T-Fest, an iconic Taipei music festival, to present a digital art section in the music festival with the participation of 80 international curators and artists. During the festival, tamtamART along with curators and artists will hold a variety of activities, including screenings, performances, and talks. In the mean time, tamtamART have come to an agreement with participating foreign arts organizations that, after the festival, art works in Taiwanese section will be featured in a series of traveling exhibitions to five counties of the foreign arts organizations trying to create further communications and more possibilities.

    Osmosis the diffusion water molecules through a semi-permeable membrane, from a region of higher
    concentration (solution of low concentration) to a region of lower concentration (solution of high concentration) when concentration inside and that outside the cell are not balanced (isotonic). The word osmosis is from the Greek word “Osmos”, which means an impulse. This kind of force is similar to stimulation, promotion, and compulsion.

    Contemporary Osmosis: It can be interpreted as the contemporary sense of permeatability, or the temporary or short-term state of permeation. In this aspect, there is a sense of attachment in relationships. Then, through the time of links, various mutual driving forces such as punctum, assimilation, absorption, dissimilation, repulsion, etc. are created. In this age when image and video media can be produced rapidly, image language is pixelized, framized, and over post-produced. Whether the process from one frame into the next through permeation is a process of poisoning or achieving balance is an issue for participants to reflect on during the “(CON)TEMPORARY OSMOSIS - Audiovisual Media festival 2015”, a festival focusing on Asian linked images.

    2015.3.22 (SUN) - 2015.4.26 (SUN)
    Press Conference
    2015.3.26 (THU) 14:00 -
    佳佳.士林珮柏 Papersun Apartment
    No.8, Lane 48, Fude Road, Shilin District, Taipei City 111

    2015.3.27 (FRI) 15:00 -
    No.9, Sec. 1, Beitou Rd., Beitou Dist., Taipei City 112
    Qilian MRT Station, Exit2
    Performing Artists: Wen-Hsin Teng、Pacific Romance(YuJun Ye
    X Alexis Mailles)、Ziheng Lu & Cevo Yang、Rafael、
    Dennis Tan & Shark Li Fun

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tamtamART當。滲透影像媒體藝術節TFest 音樂祭


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