【熱感應 】 2014上海國際當代藝術展

  • 台灣當代藝術自1980年代起邁入一個嶄新的里程碑:1983年台北市立美術館開館,號召許多留學歐美的年輕藝術家回國,他們為台灣藝術界帶來最新藝術觀點及前衛的創作風格;1987年政治解嚴之後,藝術創作不再侷限於傳統的裝飾作用,更擺脫了政治及社會輿論下的束縛,開啟了新思維與更現代化的創作風潮。21世紀的台灣藝術,中青輩藝術家以繪畫、裝置、影像型式各種不同媒材,藉由視覺藝術創作呈現全球化後多元的思辯與海島國家的文藝韻味;這是一個嶄新的時代,藝術創作將啟發人們對於生活、社會的關注與反思。




    During the 1980s, Taiwanese contemporary art faced a turning point in its development: Taipei Fine Arts Museum was opened in 1983, many young artists who were studying abroad in Europe and America started returning to Taiwan. They brought the latest artistic ideas and avant-garde style to Taiwanese art community. After Martial Law was lifted in 1987, art was no longer confined to the traditional decorative role. Artists freed themselves from the shackles of political and public opinion, and find their own way to creation. Taiwanese art of the 21st century was designated by the younger generation artists who used paintings, installations, videos and other various types of media as the means of the creation brought to Taiwan by the globalization of visual arts. This was a new era when art inspired people to pay attention to and reflect on life and society.

    At the 2014 Bologna Fiere Shanghai International Contemporary Art Exhibition, the exhibition theme of Liang Gallery focuses on the “Art Sensation”. The idea of the “Art Sensation” originated from the “thermal sensor” which can sense radiant energy invisible to the human eye. Once radiant energy is captured by infrared camera, it can be transformed into an infrared image of an object. Artists perceive things as sensitively and as accurately as the thermal sensor. They are able to transform the most delicate senses into creative inspiration, the invisible and the unspoken feelings into great art pieces.

    Although young Taiwanese artists play a relatively small role in the international art scene, but the sophistication and originality presented in their artistic creations cannot be ignored. More, the most valuable of all is a sincere creative spirit. There are no borders for the good art, therefore the number of Taiwanese contemporary artists invited to participate in the international art fairs has been increasing.

    Liang Gallery aims to promote and support contemporary Taiwanese artists, enhance their visibility in the international art scene and allow even more foreign visitors to discover vivid and abundant art of the young artists in Taiwan.

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