• 現今”當代藝術”的定義愈來愈廣泛並兼具包容性,藝術家以繪畫、雕塑、裝置、攝影和新媒體等媒材,呈現所關切的議題及想法給觀者,而在觀賞的同時,身處的時間、空間、材質、概念、價值觀的界線也逐漸消失。本屆台北國際藝術博覽會,尊彩藝術中心將以「藝術無限地Art Unbounded」為題,展出王建文、吳耿禎、徐薇蕙、許常郁、劉文瑄、賴易志等六位當代藝術家作品,希望以概念性的展出形式,釋放當代藝術的無限感官。

    The definition of “contemporary art” is broad and inclusive, encompassing painting, sculpture, installations, photography and new media. While the art works are diverse, the themes presented highlight shared concerns and ideas that inspire artistic creativity around the world, transcending traditional divisions based on geography, culture, genre or media. Exhibition “Art Unbounded” for Art Taipei 2013, represented artists include Leo WANG, Jam WU, HSU Wei-Hui, HSU Chang-Yu, Mia LIU, LAI Yi-Chih. And the exhibition brings out the plurality of artistic ideas and the ways of creating and viewing works of art in an increasingly global world.

    王建文的新作《La Nuit》將音符視覺化,在畫布上創造了一個形體抽離的世界,帶領觀賞者抵達新的視覺邊境。吳耿禎則將熟悉的剪紙轉換成不鏽鋼媒材,展出《神話,符號樹,和失蹤的動物們》立體作品,以神話中的視覺符號來呈現文化的差異,及內心的嚮往世界。徐薇蕙將展出《游擊女孩-童話幻境》攝影及裝置作品《游擊女孩-之間...》,試圖以幽默的方式表述現實與理想的種種矛盾與衝突,和內心所欲凝聚的龐大力量。許常郁則展出最新創作《寧靜且華麗的日子》《一起做了個夢,向未來》,將心中的神祕森林、滿天星斗、野生動物,凝結在一個美好的瞬間。劉文瑄展出《我的生態缸》,以古根漢門票堆疊,圈圍而成一個擬似的封閉生態系統,反映出創作過程所遇到的文化差異。賴易志新作則以人形裝置呈現內在的記憶與想像。

    The work of Leo Wang “La Nuit” used different techniques and mix media to visualize sound signals into the abstract paintings, bring viewers to a new visual frontier. Jam Wu use of stainless steel instead of paper in “Myth, Symbol Tree, and Missing Animals”, which reflects his sensitivity of the environment and personal experience in cultural discrepancies. Viewers can see the transformation from myth images into totem and symbol by using Chinese traditional paper-cut techniques. Hsu Wei-Hui’s photography series “Guerilla Girl-Fairy Tale Illusion” attempt to express the various contradictions between reality and ideal in humorous way, and to built the artist’s inner strength. HSU Chang-Yu’s new works, including the "" and "", condense the imaginary mysterious forests, starry night sky, wildlife in the beautiful moment. Mia Liu’s “My Terrarium:Let’s Circle Back” uses Guggenheim Museum’s entrance tickets as the inspirational medium, formed a circle around like intended closed ecosystem, indicates artist’s experience of working in the Visitor Services of the Guggenheim Museum in New York. The new work of LAI Yi-Chih creates a solitude human-like sculpture, giving viewer a dialogue with artist’s inner memory and daydream.



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日期:2019-12-07 ~ 2019-12-29|台灣,台北市


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