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    日期:2012-04-06 ~ 2012-04-21

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    麗品畫廊 (台北市敦化南路一段329巷12號內棟1樓(近信義路口))

  • 歡迎光臨,慾望邊界




    It is always been interesting in issues of life and death. The imaginations distinct that exist on either side of the magnetic field between life and death feed. Because of this, the objects connected with terror and death, from animal skulls to all kinds of puppets, masks and other similar things. Horror novels, mangas and horror films have also naturally become part of elements of artworks; they are the objects of artist research and the inspiration for creativity.

    In essence, the history of horror films is the history of twentieth-century anxieties. Fairy tales, folk legends, and the gothic nature of romanticism all stress the worries of the old world. But it is horror movies that paint the picture of fear in the new world, using basic theories of determinism in industry, technology and economy to describe the "borders" of the new world. Thus, horror movies, more than any other film genre, are able to question the realities of this world and respond to cruelty and detachment found in society, becoming an important discourse for psychoanalysis.

    The real-world definitions of "evil" and "crime" that have been becoming less and less clear and the challenges to current cultural value systems have redefined horror texts. In the not-so-distant future these changes will manifest into a concept of evil within forms of film and literature. It has been constantly passing back and forth between images of terror, the "borders" of evil texts and "the real world". This passing back and forth strikes at the borders of inner darkness occur artist imaginations.

    Thinking of gained further clarity about the relationship to the world through artist interactions with texts that deal with differences with the normal world: dark aesthetics, abnormal psychology, evil, horror, sychoanalysis. Pieces correspond to worlds that do not follow the rules of experience, to chaotic spaces that are difficult to define, and to heterogeneous spaces outside the realm of everyday life. They correspond to the small cracks in the intersections between humans, gods, and supernatural spirits. Perhaps what artist concerned with is that fantasy "border" which the average person refuses to face, that which the average person pretends not to see.



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