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    日期:2015-11-21 ~ 2015-12-27

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  • 阿希耶勒‧莫斯考維奇(Ariel Moscovici)出生於羅馬尼亞,15歲開始接觸石雕,進而踏入雕塑的世界。作品風格多元,造型簡單,擅長以系列波狀特色展現「圖像文字」,塑造展場空間語言。創作主題多半環繞著自然、土地與環境等概念,莫斯考維奇嘗試呈現人類與自然的關係,引發時間與人生的哲學性思考,探討「從哪裡來,要往哪裡去」的大哉問,最終探觸到內在的自我。

    絲勒維‧希維雍(Sylvie Rivillon)早期的雕塑主要以土塑及木頭為媒材,近年則以大理石及花崗石為主,作品對比意象豐富,呈現剛硬與柔軟、直線與曲線、粗糙與精緻等視覺衝突。希維雍的幾何造型呈現水面的落潮波動、無垠的地平線、垂直有如延伸向天空的意象,並以石材色彩展現象徵陰陽的黑與白,訴說人類與宇宙萬物息息相關的相互循環;冰冷的石雕,刻畫柔和雅緻的線條,展現平衡與寧靜的力量。除了雕塑,希維雍也從事繪畫創作,她的繪畫與雕塑是兩條獨立的平行線,互不隸屬,兩者之間氣韻卻一脈相連。部份大幅作品有如潑墨般,磅礡大氣中不失含蓄優雅,張力不輸石雕作品。

    Born in Romania, Ariel Moscovici’s first contact with stone sculpture took place at he age of 15, introducing him to the world of sculpture. Diverse styles and simple designs are the characteristics of his creations. He is adept at using an array of curves to illustrate “pictograms,” sculpting the language of creative space.

    The majority of Moscovici’s creative themes are centered on concepts such as nature, earth, and environment to depict the relationship between man and nature, stimulate philosophical thoughts on time and life by examining the ultimate question of “the origin and meaning of life,” and eventually an exploration of the inner being.

    Sylvie Rivillon’s early works were primarily made of clay and wood; in recent years, there has been a shift in the medium to marble and granite. Rich in contrasting imageries, the sculptures exhibit contradictory visual representations of rigidness and malleableness, lines and curves, as well as roughness and fineness.

    Sylvie Rivillon’s geometric forms delineate the swell movements on water, the boundless horizon, and the imageries resembling a vertical extension of the sky. Using stone materials and their natural hues and portraying the black and white design which symbolizes the feminine and masculine conveys a corresponding cycle based on the relationship between mankind and all creations in the universe. Rivillon’s rigid stone sculptures are engraved with soft and fine lines to depict a balanced and serene tenacity and an internal rhythm and vitality which are of pivotal importance.

    In addition to sculpting, Rivillon also paints. Her paintings and sculptures are two independent parallels, autonomous yet of a coherent unity. A proportion of her large creations invoke the visual aesthetics of ink painting grand and majestic yet incorporating elements or implicitness and elegance, exhibiting the same level of intensity embedded in her stone sculptures.

    開幕茶會:2015/11/21 下午三點



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